Trick Or Treat

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Nobody has ever called me understated and if this outfit doesn't get some looks then there is something wrong! I love a pumpkin tshirt and this one is from Asda George Mens section in a xxxl and cost £5. The bow is also from Asda and I picked it up in the Halloween isle.

I got these Bat glasses from a friend and had them reglazed with my prescription for £10 so I can wear them and actually see. You can buy the glasses from ebay and for all your reglazing needs I highly recommend

I picked up this bag from ebay. The seller had a few different designs and colour bags and they glow in the dark. I got black and orange versions and will use them all year round.

Skirt - Asos Curve - old
Shoes - Everything5Pounds - old
Bow - Asda
Glasses - Ebay £4.99
Earrings - Kreepsville 666
Bag - Ebay £6.95

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