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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Following on from my last two posts about my Lady Date at Meadowhall and tying on all the Scarlett & Jo I could find. In Yours I got to try on all the Velvet Maxi dresses. Looking at these on the hanger I figured they would be very long on me and I may have to take them up but I was soooo wrong! The length was actually perfect on me. The fabric has lots of stretch and is so very comfortable. I want all the velvet in all the colours!

This is a size 26/28 and I found this to be the best fit for me in the Velvet Maxi range. I am not a girl who usually goes for all one colour clothes. I literally have one plain dress in my wardrobe which is black and I had to buy for a funeral a few years ago. These dresses have changed my mind about plain dresses and are so fancy and beautiful that I really must own them all.

Size 14 - 32

The detail on the neckline of this one is gorgeous. This is a size 30/32 and it looks fine on me but it felt large so again a 26/28 would be what I would buy. The length was also a little long on me.

Size 14 - 32

This is my favourite style of the Velvets I tried on. This colour is so stunning! My photos really do not do these dresses justice. They really have to be tried to see just how glorious they look and feel on your body. There is also a fishtail style and knee length version of this dress available on the Scarlett & Jo website in a few colour options. Yours has this Midnight Blue & Cranberry Red versions.

Size 14 - 32

I really wanted to try these Tuxedo style dresses but couldn't see them in store so will try again in a week or so. They are so different to what is available for Plus Size and such a sleek and classic style.

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  1. You look amazing! :D I wanted to try some on at the S&Jo shoot day, but alas no. I shall have to get myself off to a Yours. xx


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