Sunday, 20 July 2014

Hamburger Fries & Shake

This outfit is inspired by the lovely drawing Danielle Laurenti posted on instagram a while ago and the amazing Fitty Smallz and music video which this post is named after {video at the end) and also Ricky Daniels who draw my dream a few years ago!

I love all things American and my dream is to open an American Drive In Diner and have fat lady waitresses on Roller Skates! If I win the lotto then this WILL happen!

The dress is from Modcloth and fits my bust easily. Super length on me (5'3'') and a belt that fits and is not just for show! (pet peeve about plus outfits with belts). It also has pockets! This is one of the roomier dresses I have had from Modcloth. I would say it is a UK 26/28 and fits a large bust. Dress of dreams right here!

This is also my first blog post since the hair chop and dye. Have to say I am loving it. I may stay short for quite some time. Sorry about the frown but it was sunny and I should have been wearing sunglasses.

As always this blog is Body Positive and fully in support of HAES (Health At Every Size) #effyourbeautystandards, #effyourbodystandards, #effyourhealthstandards & #nobodyshamecampaign

Dress - Modcloth Bea & Dot Daily Special dress size 4x $54.99 
(For postage/customs charges see my other Modcloth posts)
Bag - Old Gift
Shoes - Old New Look
Jewellery - Old New Look
Glasses - Dead Mens Spex

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Pie In The Sky

Hello Pie Lovers! I saw this dress a year ago on tumblr and had no idea where it was from. When I found out it was from Modcloth I went to see what sizes were available. I was surprised and happy that it went up to a 4x. I checked out the reviews and size chart and figured I should at least give it a try since I loved it so much. I was over the moon when the buttons fit over my boobs and I could actually wear this dreamy dress! My only problem with it is the lining is small and tight over my belly when sitting but I can easily cut it out or just put up with it. It makes me feel like a 1950s house wife and could be straight out of an episode of Mad Men! I also reminds me of a wonderful movie called Waitress where the girl thinks up all these amazing recipes for Pies and makes them.

The print has a lot going on so I kept it simple with a big pearl necklace, lemon slice bag, green heels and another of my Janine Basil Dame Edna Glasses hair clips but this time worn as a brooch.

As with all orders to the UK from the USA postage is around £20 plus Duty can be charged. For my order of £100 I was charged £30 Duty. You have to factor in the extra costs.

(measurement guide - bust 27" across, waist 25", hips 33", length 42" from middle of shoulder)
Note the lining in the skirt of this dress is small but can easily be cut out/removed. 

Bag - Accessorize sold out
Glasses - Vintage - VintageEyeGlassesCat etsy
Brooch - Janine Basil Hairclip used as brooch 
Shoes - Asda old
Jewellery - New Look old

Monday, 7 July 2014

American Road Trip

A bit late for 4th of July but my love for all things American never fades! I have spent quite a lot of time in Detroit mainly but have travelled about the East coast and would love to do the Route 66 adventure in the future. I also have a major love for tiny and oversized things so this dress screamed BUY ME! I especially love the dinosaur on it. This is one of 4 Modcloth dresses I own now and I have 3 different styles.

Out of all of them this style is the smallest over my bust. So much so I had to cut a little stitch that was holding the crossover together to make it fit! This is why I am wearing a vest under it to cover my bra from showing too much. I have bough all 4x and find it to be about a size 24/26. (measurements at bottom) Every dress I have from Modcloth has pockets which is a great bonus feature. They all also have a zip up the back which I have never used as I just slip them on over my head. Arm holes are on the large size and bra shows but they are wide enough shoulder straps to cover bar straps. The length of this is lovely and it has a black lining to puff it out a bit. I am short at a 5'3'' so keep that in mind when looking at the length.

I saw this cute bag and thought it went perfectly with the Route 66 theme. Love me some heart shaped glasses and these are cheapos from ebay.

Ok down to costs. It is worth buying in the sales and also buying more than one item as postage to the UK is around £20 and on top of that you could be charged import tax. Import tax for an order of around (£100 inc postage) can be £30 which includes an £8 post office charge. This is why I have pit off ordering from Modcloth for so long! Try doing a group order with friends and splitting the charges. Buying sale items offsets the charges.

Or you could comment with an unregistered (no account already on modcloth) email address and get $20 off until 17th July when you spend over $50! Think of it as free postage to UK or USA customers get actual money off their order!


(measurement guide - bust 25" across, waist 25", hips 33", length 47" from middle of shoulder)

Vest - Primark size 20 £3
Bag  - Aldo £20.99 in sale
Sunglasses - Ebay £3.50
Jewellery - Gifts/old

Monday, 23 June 2014

I Heart Lolita

I came across Janine Basil and her amazing patch creations on instagram and fell in love with her glassesporn hair clips. You can also have them made as brooches. I ordered 3 of the 5 different glasses styles and they arrived like this wrapped so cute! These are no longer on her site but if you want them Janine is happy to make them for you so just ask.

I went for the Lolita Heart shape, X-Ray Spex and Dame Edna style

Franklin approved of the X-Ray Spex version

I have had this dress for a while and bought it when I was smaller just after having Franklin. Basically being house bound for 5 months since Franklin was on oxygen I have put on all the weight I lost and more! The dress is a bit tighter around my belly but I can still rock the VBO and do love the shape of this dress. Red accessories seem to be my thing just now which is fine by me!

Dress - Asos Curve Pencil dress size 26 £19
Hair clip - Janine Basil
Glasses - SpecsPost 
Brooch, bangle & shoes - New Look old

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

All Dressed Up & Nowhere To Go

A while back the lovely Em of Terrible Tumbles described my style as "ever stunning and never knowingly underdressed" which is pretty much spot on! I dress up even when I am not leaving the house. I do have my pj days like most people do but I tend to feel better when I make a little effort even if I don't brush my hair or put on make up I instantly feel better in a dress or nice top and skirt.

I ordered this Glassesporn print to from Modcloth quite a while ago but then realised once it arrived that I had nothing to wear it with. It sat unworn but loved in my wardrobe until I found this black midi on Asos and figured it would be a good staple for my wardrobe plus it has an elastic waist. So here is my first outfit with this top! I blinged it up with my Primark necklace and of course some Cateye Glasses.

My Modcloth experience was pretty good! USA sizes always have me a bit confused but looking at the size chart I ordered the 4x and it is actually very roomy and is a stretchy material but think I would need the 4x in non stretch items. I ordered the top in the sale for $9.99 reduced from $32.99 and postage was about the same again but as it was under £20 I did not have to pay import tax. I am always put off by charges when ordering form outside the UK. Saying that I did just order 2 dresses from Modcloth and waiting to see how much I will be charged. The orders usually take 2 weeks to arrive.

Top - Modcloth Glasses Print top size 4x $9.99 (no longer available)
Skirt - Asos Curve Skater skirt size 26 £22
Shoes - Clarks old but similar available HERE
Necklace - Primark
Glasses - Dead Men's Spex

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Eye Buy My Glasses Direct

The awesome Company EyeBuyDirect let me review a pair of specs for you lovely lot! Of course my first search was for Cateye frames as you all know I can't get enough of the sexy sleek shape of glasses. I was really impressed with how many cateye frames they had in stock! They have a wonderful selection of vintage and modern styles. I choose this super sexy navy pair with glitter circle details for a bit of extra bling. My order arrived within 5!!! Yes I said 5 days!!! It came well packaged and with hard case and large cleaning cloth.

Ordering was very easy. As with all online glasses orders you will need an up to date prescription and your pupillary distance (the learn section on the website gives all the info you need to measure yours).

I chose standard lenses for my prescription but they also do bifocal and progressive lenses. You can also choose the thickness of your lenses for a lighter overall frame. You can add tinted or polarized lenses easily. The website is very easy to navigate and find what you are looking for.

They also do Party Glasses! Now if you are like me you might not have heard of such a thing. It is the placing of a genuine Swarovski Crystal on the lense for added sparkle and bling! How cool is that!!! There is a discount code section at the bottom of the website for up to date deals so check it out before ordering and you could make a good saving.

Prices are in US Dollars from as little as $6 - $60 plus Postage is a little more to the UK but factor in the saving compared to high street prices and you really are making a huge saving on quality sturdy frames and lenses. The conversion rate easily googled but for these frames costing $39.95 and $19 shipping the UK rates are about £23.81 and £11.32 shipping. A total of around £35.00 for complete prescription glasses is a brilliant price that everyone can afford. Make extra savings and buy more than one pair to save on postage costs.

Feeling very classy in my Navy Alondra frames $39.95 HERE

Some of my favourite frame from as little as $9!!! Beautiful funky colours, shape and prints to choose from. Go have a look at the EyeBuyDirect website HERE and see what frames you can't live without!

This item was gifted to me by EyeBuyDirect for review. All opinions are my own.

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Getting my Betty Pamper On!

Okay people if you don't know Betty Pamper of Pamper & Curves then you are seriously missing out on something beyond awesome! Go check out her blog now! Well not right now. After you have finished reading this! 

Betty is a beautiful talent and amazing inspiring woman, wife and mother, hair and beauty expert and writer. Her husband Nicky Rockets is also a talented fella being a photographer and designer of the item featured below.

The Man behind The Betty has had a few tshirt designs and I really have no excuse as to why I am only now getting round to buying one. I ordered the newest design and was excited for it to arrive packaged with love and care with an extra little badge included!

Betty showing off her fab self and tshirt on her instagram bettypamper

How awesome is this design! I love logo tshirts with pinups and having one with such a gorgeous chubby lady on it who I have actually met in real life and is herself and awesome babe makes it even cooler in my opinion!

Crappy detail pictures as usual. I really need to sort out my camera or just learn how to use it! Anyways I wore the tshirt with my new ASOS Curve Skater skirt and New Look Watermelon clutch with red accessories for that extra pop.

I went for the xxxl and it is big enough for my size 26 and 44J body and bust. I got the round neck version and cut the neck bigger and the sleeves shorter. You can buy a version which has already been cut if you don't trust yourself with scissors!

Broke out the Charcoal Designs Cherry necklace for this pinup inspired outfit.

Get your hands on this outfit - 

Tshirt - Betty Pamper tshirt size xxxl £15
Skirt - Asos Curve Skater size 26 £22
Belt - Asos Curve similar available
Necklace - Charcoal Designs 
Bag - New Look sold out
Shoes, other jewellery - old