Saturday, 18 April 2015

Fat Polka

Polka dots are a favourite of mine and this black random polka dot dress from Yours is so cute! This is a size 24 and it is a good fit for me. I would say it is sized large. The sleeve length and loose feel is lovely and feels like a Summer dress. 

It is a Swing dress so is loose all over but added a belt to give shape. I had a hard time choosing what accessories to put with this as it lends itself to anything really. I went with brown belt and shoes and added the"fat" necklace by Natalie of that my friends Kat of sent me.

Dress - Yours Polka Swing dress size 24 £25
Leggings - Asos
Shoes - Clarks Brogues £60
Belt - Asos Curve
Necklace - FancyLadyIndustries 
Earrings - Desperate Beatnik
Glasses - Dead Mens Spex
Bag - Zatchels via ebay

This item was gifted for review. All opinions are my own.

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Roses In Blue

I love a flower print and a collar and this beauty has both. It has a little bit of edge to it with the crosshatching print but the flowers are a delicate watercolour style.

I ordered the 26 and it fit well in this smooth stretch fabric. The dress is only available in size 12-26 and the 26 looks like it is sold out already. It is super comfy and light enough for Summer.

I kept it quite simple with the black and blue theme. This dress is down to £28 from £40 in the sale just now. I can see me wearing this a lot this Summer since it has short sleeves. 

Dress - Simply Be Sketchy Skater dress size 26 £28
Leggings - Asos 
Shoes - Clarks Brogues £60
Belt - Asos Curve 
Glasses - EyeBuyDirect Alondra $39 

I wore this dress to the Fat Lady Cake Date in Edinburgh yesterday. I had different glasses and shoes. I discovered a small hole in the dress which is very dissapointing as this was the first time I had worn the dress. 

Here are some photos from the lovely date at Mimis Bakehouse in Leith. 

With @jennibingbong, @cartisayshello, @ivorylovelust & @ellastacpool (not pictures due to dog emergancy) (nothing serious)

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Fuchsia Florals

Pink is not a colour I would normally go for but the dress really stood out for me in the Yours store. I tried on the 26/28 and it was very large. The 24 is generous also and decided to go with it as would more often than not wear a belt. I love Swing dresses because unlike skater dresses they have no seam under the bust. Being a big busty lady the seam can sit too high on the bust and look odd. This is why I wear a belt to give a Skater dress shape but without the uncomfortable small bust.

This dress is a bright Fuchsia and screams Summer from the rooftops! I had a good few looks in this outfit when at the park with the family today and I felt bright and pretty in pink! I am a shorty at 5'3'' and this is just long enough as a dress. Leggings will be worn on cooler days and this will still be as bright and beautiful. I am loving all the Summer prints available this year at Yours.

I got this bag in the Aldo sale and love that it has stripes on one side and spots on the other! They have the same style in a few other prints and a good few novelty bags worth a look.

Belt - Asos Curve
Shoes - Clarks Outlet
Bag - Aldo Hatchet 
Necklace - Old 
Glasses - iclickoptical style 2153 $7.95
Earrings - Desperate Beatnik

Also available is this Coral Peplum Top in the same lovely print. 

Monday, 6 April 2015

Yours - In The Fitting Room

I have decided to do more of these posts as people have commented that they like them and I like trying on pretty clothes so it is a win/win really! 

Having a very large bust I found the cut out looked a little odd on me but I love the colour. Size 26/28 and was a good fit. £26 Link

I am not usually one for pink but this was just so vibrant and screamed summer! Wearing size 26/28 and it was very large. Could easily size down to the 24. £26 Link

I tried this because I have never been a high low lover and wanted to see what it looked like on me. This top is super oversized! I am wearing a size 20. As I thought it was like a tent and not me at all. It comes in so many nice colours though! £16 Link

This is scuba dress and I love the Poppy print and black block at the bottom. I am wearing a 24 but could do with sizing up to fit my bust better and not stretch out the print. £35 Link

I wanted to try these but couldn't see them in the Meadowhall store. Love the colours.
Red Floral dress £30 Link
Coral Pleated dress £28 Link

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Boho Vibes

You might have noticed the boho 70s style is very on trend this Summer. While out shopping in the Yours store I tried this long tunic in the Burgundy when I was in store a couple of weeks back and had a hard time choosing what colour to get! It is also available in Khaki.

The stretch material is not too thin and will wash well.  The crochet around the bottom is a lovely touch. The print is best seen in the last photo. I could have put a belt with this but I wanted a loose fit. I am wearing the 26 and it fits great in the bust and belly. It is something a little different for me but think I will wear it often.

Tunic - Yours Tile Print Crochet Hem tunic size 26 £28 
Leggings - Asos 
Shoes - Clarks Brogues £60
Glasses - Dead Mens Spex

This item was gifted for review. All opinions are my own. 

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Evans - In The Fitting Room

Today I got to try on the beautiful Scarlett & Jo dresses in Evans! My favourites from the current collection. I loved this Red Rose Print Prom dress when I saw it on the beautiful Elena of FrivolousMrsD for whom it was designed for. The colour, cut and print are just perfect for me! I am wearing the 28 and need it for my bust. The fabric has no stretch but the sleeves do. I think this may be my favourite of all the Scarlett & Jo designs. 

Next on was the Black Mesh Insert dress. I am wearing a 26 and it fits well. The top is a very stretchy fabric with a thick elastic belt section. I found the belt too wide and it rolled over. The skirt is beautiful and a non stretch fabric with mesh section to give it shape. This dress is very comfortable and love the print and colours. 

I was taken with the 80s Art Print top. I don't like the top itself. It sits funny on my bust and the under layer is smaller than the top and clings. I would love this print in a different style as it does come as a blouse but as it is non stretch buttons are a no go for my bust and belly. I couldn't find this top on the website. 

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Two Babes & A Dress

How pretty and colourful is this AX Paris dress from Simply Be!? I loved it when I saw Tess Holliday wearing it at her recent meet in Australia. I spotted it on the Simply Be website And had to get it along with a couple other things that caught my eye in the sale.

It is a thick stretch material with slight texture. It will work in Winter due to the thickness and Summer thanks to the beautiful flower print. 

Having seen it on Tess Holliday I knew it would fit my arms and bust and decided to get the size 26 which fits perfect for me. The front comes up a bit but most things do thanks to my big bust. 

I added a belt to give it a bit of shape since I am wearing black leggings. The bling necklace and earrings are to help brighten up a rather dull day here in Sheffield. 

So much love for this dress and will get lots of wear out of it. Quite the bargain for £25! 

Dress - AX Paris Simply Be size 26 £25
Leggings - Asos Curve 
Shoes - Clarks outlet
Necklace - followrayonline
Earrings - Desperate Beatnik

Tess Holliday bringing the Bang! To Australia with her #effyourbeautystandards movement. 
I am like a fat sister cheering her on from the start line as she has reached further and further in her career and am so proud of what she has done. I have only love and respect for my sister from another mister and look forward to her blasting through all the walls that society has created. X