Monday, 11 August 2014

Mod Dots

Another Modcloth dress for you all! Another sale item! I loved the look of this on the site but was not sure about the fabric. It is a woven fabric so is more suited to this Autumn rainy days we are having as it is quite thick and also has a little stretch to it. I really liked the polka dot detail at the bottom of the skirt. I have not seen anything like this in plus size before.

Due to my huge bust (42jj I got measured recently) the dress comes up under my bust but this is actually where I like things to sit on me. Just something to remember when ordering dresses I review.

The length is also good on me but my friend Abbie tried on a few of my Modcloth dresses and they all came up short on her. She is 6ft tall and I am a tiny 5'3''

I am finding Modcloth to be very random in sizing! As all their items are made by different brands and sold through Modcloth they all have different ideas on 4x. I will provide measurements for all my items reviewed from Modcloth to help.

I stuck with a navy theme and wore my EyeBuyDirect Cateye glasses, navy leggings as it was quite chilly and navy shoes.

(bust- 29" , waist- 25" , length- 41" )
Leggings - old tesco
Shoes - old New Look
Necklace - Custom from Betenoirejewellery
Glasses - Eye Buy Direct - Alondra £39

Friday, 8 August 2014

Turning Japanese

The Kimono has been around for hundreds of years as traditional Japanese dress but in recent times it has been made more wearable and fashionable. Everyone in the fashion magazines have one and it has been full embraced this summer by fashionista! I am a little late to the kimono party. I had looked at one last year and thought it was something I would have worn back when I was unhappy about my fat and only wore things to try to hide my lumps and bumps. Saying that I was looking for something light I could throw on in the summer evenings that would still be stylish and came to the conclusion that the kimono is the perfect item for this. (like i said, a little late to the party!)

I saw this one on Asos and loved that it had flowers and polka dots and was a stretch fabric rather than a blouse fabric. I then realised I have nothing to wear with it! I am a lady who has all the patterns and no plain tops so of course I had to get some of them too. What started my Asos haul was these leggings. They are supposed to be cropped but as I am tiny I figured these would be the perfect full length on me. They are the softest, most comfortable and stretchy leggings I have ever had on my body and honestly it feels like I am not wearing anything!

How cooool are these glasses!!! You saw my black ones in the previous post and got these ones as glasses rather than sunglasses. I am in love! They go perfectly with the colours in the kimono. They also come in purple, white and brown. You can have them with or without prescription lenses and are from the U.S company iclickoptical. Details below.

Kimono - Asos Curve Kimono Floral Spot Print size 28 £30 
Leggings - Asos Curve Cropped Leggings size 26 £8
Vest - Asos Curve Swing Vest size 26 £12
Shoes - Primark £5
Glasses - iclickoprical 2153 Gr Pink Sunglasses $7.95
Necklace - Mermaid Pearl necklace Charcoal Designs

Below are some other fabulous glasses and sunglasses available from iclickoptical!

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Junk Food Dream Dress

This post is what I wore out on one of the hottest melty sweaty days last week! no make up as it would have slid off my face and sporting my new iclickoptical cateye prescription sunglasses. The are super retro and I loved them so much that I ordered them in pink too!

My feet have been swollen with all this heat and I can only get flip flops or birkenstocks on so here are my fat feet in Birks for your viewing pleasure! lol!!!

 I saw a skirt of this print a few years ago in a shop in Manchester and have hunted for a dress in my size ever since. When I saw Modcloth did a 4x I had to order is and see if it fit. This is what started my recent love affair with Modcloth as you will have seen from my last few posts.

I have included a blurry bathroom selfie of how I dressed up date night to see Transformers 4 a few weeks ago. (pre haircut) It is safe to say that this is my dream print dress and it has pockets!

(measurement guide - bust 26" across, waist 24", hips 33", length 40" from middle of shoulder)

Sandals - Primark £5
Cardi - Primark 
Sunglasses - iclickoptical $7.95

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

It Aint Love

This is a little Matalan purchase. I have to say that their plus range (size 24+) is pretty rubbish for the young and fashionable types. It is defo more basics and aimed at the older shopper. I was surprised to see this cute heart print dress onsale for £11 so snapped it up and although it is a great shape and style the fabric lets it down. After one wash it was bobbled pretty bad under the arms. Come on Matalan! Get with the programme! We fat people want cute, fun, affordable fatshion that is also good quality.

Anyways enough with the rant and on to the outfit. I love red and blue and thought this was a super cute look with the red skinny belt and my old Firmoo prescription sunglasses.

What are your experiences with Matalan?

Dress - Matalan Heart Print no longer available
Necklace - Custom from Betenoirejewellery
Belt - from another dress
Leggings - old Primark
Shoes - New Look 
Glasses - Firmoo

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Hamburger Fries & Shake

This outfit is inspired by the lovely drawing Danielle Laurenti posted on instagram a while ago and the amazing Fitty Smallz and music video which this post is named after {video at the end) and also Ricky Daniels who draw my dream a few years ago!

I love all things American and my dream is to open an American Drive In Diner and have fat lady waitresses on Roller Skates! If I win the lotto then this WILL happen!

The dress is from Modcloth and fits my bust easily. Super length on me (5'3'') and a belt that fits and is not just for show! (pet peeve about plus outfits with belts). It also has pockets! This is one of the roomier dresses I have had from Modcloth. I would say it is a UK 26/28 and fits a large bust. Dress of dreams right here!

This is also my first blog post since the hair chop and dye. Have to say I am loving it. I may stay short for quite some time. Sorry about the frown but it was sunny and I should have been wearing sunglasses.

As always this blog is Body Positive and fully in support of HAES (Health At Every Size) #effyourbeautystandards, #effyourbodystandards, #effyourhealthstandards & #nobodyshamecampaign

Dress - Modcloth Bea & Dot Daily Special dress size 4x $54.99 
(For postage/customs charges see my other Modcloth posts)
Bag - Old Gift
Shoes - Old New Look
Jewellery - Old New Look
Glasses - Dead Mens Spex

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Pie In The Sky

Hello Pie Lovers! I saw this dress a year ago on tumblr and had no idea where it was from. When I found out it was from Modcloth I went to see what sizes were available. I was surprised and happy that it went up to a 4x. I checked out the reviews and size chart and figured I should at least give it a try since I loved it so much. I was over the moon when the buttons fit over my boobs and I could actually wear this dreamy dress! My only problem with it is the lining is small and tight over my belly when sitting but I can easily cut it out or just put up with it. It makes me feel like a 1950s house wife and could be straight out of an episode of Mad Men! I also reminds me of a wonderful movie called Waitress where the girl thinks up all these amazing recipes for Pies and makes them.

The print has a lot going on so I kept it simple with a big pearl necklace, lemon slice bag, green heels and another of my Janine Basil Dame Edna Glasses hair clips but this time worn as a brooch.

As with all orders to the UK from the USA postage is around £20 plus Duty can be charged. For my order of £100 I was charged £30 Duty. You have to factor in the extra costs.

(measurement guide - bust 27" across, waist 25", hips 33", length 42" from middle of shoulder)
Note the lining in the skirt of this dress is small but can easily be cut out/removed. 

Bag - Accessorize sold out
Glasses - Vintage - VintageEyeGlassesCat etsy
Brooch - Janine Basil Hairclip used as brooch 
Shoes - Asda old
Jewellery - New Look old

Monday, 7 July 2014

American Road Trip

A bit late for 4th of July but my love for all things American never fades! I have spent quite a lot of time in Detroit mainly but have travelled about the East coast and would love to do the Route 66 adventure in the future. I also have a major love for tiny and oversized things so this dress screamed BUY ME! I especially love the dinosaur on it. This is one of 4 Modcloth dresses I own now and I have 3 different styles.

Out of all of them this style is the smallest over my bust. So much so I had to cut a little stitch that was holding the crossover together to make it fit! This is why I am wearing a vest under it to cover my bra from showing too much. I have bough all 4x and find it to be about a size 24/26. (measurements at bottom) Every dress I have from Modcloth has pockets which is a great bonus feature. They all also have a zip up the back which I have never used as I just slip them on over my head. Arm holes are on the large size and bra shows but they are wide enough shoulder straps to cover bar straps. The length of this is lovely and it has a black lining to puff it out a bit. I am short at a 5'3'' so keep that in mind when looking at the length.

I saw this cute bag and thought it went perfectly with the Route 66 theme. Love me some heart shaped glasses and these are cheapos from ebay.

Ok down to costs. It is worth buying in the sales and also buying more than one item as postage to the UK is around £20 and on top of that you could be charged import tax. Import tax for an order of around (£100 inc postage) can be £30 which includes an £8 post office charge. This is why I have pit off ordering from Modcloth for so long! Try doing a group order with friends and splitting the charges. Buying sale items offsets the charges.

Or you could comment with an unregistered (no account already on modcloth) email address and get $20 off until 17th July when you spend over $50! Think of it as free postage to UK or USA customers get actual money off their order!


(measurement guide - bust 25" across, waist 25", hips 33", length 47" from middle of shoulder)

Vest - Primark size 20 £3
Bag  - Aldo £20.99 in sale
Sunglasses - Ebay £3.50
Jewellery - Gifts/old