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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sorry in advance for the blurred photos. I am not so good at taking pictures in changing rooms and with my iphone but you get the idea of the outfits. I hope! Keep in mind I am usually as size 24/26 and 5'3'' with 44h bust. Although in Yours I wear a 46G (their largest bra) but could probably do with an H cup.

I wore my New Look Biker Jacket, TKMaxx Dress, Sainsburys Leggings, Asda Shoes and Ebay satchel to go to Meadowhall with Lisa. This is my Yours Clothing review.

I had seen this dress a few times and decided to give it a try in a size 26. The Top part is quite sheer and the best comes with the dress. If I was buying this I would have to try a size 28 as the belly and boobs are a little too tight for my liking. The dress costs £40 and is from the Limited Collection. A little expensive.

Next up was the Navy & Polka Dot dress which is the same style as the dress I wore out today. The 26/28 was a good length and it has a tie around back. All in all a lovely dress and only £25.

Lisa and I both loved this skirt! It is super soft and has a great full appearance like it has a petticoat under it. It is two layers and a good length. I tried a size 24 which was a perfect fit and still has a lot of stretch at the waist. It is from the Limited Collection and cost £25 which for my cheap ass was a little expensive.

I liked this dress for a party or weekend event. The sequin collar and sheer cuffed sleeves made it catch my eye. I am wearing the 22/24 but would need to size up to the 26/28 for it to not cling to my DB so much. I would add a thin belt to this too. A great dress I would be love to have. It costs £35 which is not bad for a party dress really.

I would also like to add that staff in Meadowhall Yours are a bit hit & miss. I had asked what size bras go up to and before I could finish my sentence the Lady on the till barked 32 at me. Meaning the largest dress size and so had not listened to my question. Also the lady on changing room duties was not happy that we had tried on items and were not buying anything that we tried on. I have worked in retail for 13 years and being a sales assistant is not a fun job. The best part is interacting with the customers which makes your day more interesting and the customer feel like they matter. Also it is just good manners. A thing that people seem to have very little of it seems.

So that's my Yours review. Keep and eye out for my New Look review next.

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  1. Loving the polka dot dress! xx

  2. Hi Honey, i follow your blog since finding you on tumblr & instagram. my boyfriend lives in chesterfield and im gonna drag him to meadowhall with me this weekend, where abouts in it is yours? ive only found one of their shops once and that was in liverpool. love that skirt i think i'll have to investigate it. shame they are so pricy, at least they arent as frumpy as Evans. and im so excited that they have a new look with a plus range at meadowhall my local once got rid of the plus range and replaced it with maternity =[

  3. You can find yours and new look on the ground floor. They are placed in an L shape with new look being the corner so if you find one you will find them all. Also check out h&m as it has a small plus section and is next to new look. Plus size stuff is at the back of the tills on the ground floor and has a good selection in just now! You should come along to one of out Meadowhall Lady Dates for shopping and giggles! Add me on twitter so we can let you know when the next one is! :D

  4. ooo awesome thank you sweetie, ive never seen any plus size h&m. im usually too scared to go into stores like H&M cause the staff look at you as if to say get out your too fat lol. i really want to try forever 21 but th one in london didnt evn stock it haha.
    oh wow thats so lovely thank you honey id totally love that. i live in shropshire and only up that way once a fortnight so want to spend as much time with my fella at the moment as weve not been together long, once i start coming more often i would LOVE to come for a day out with you ladies from your blogs it looks like lots of fun. hehe beat you to it on twitter score lol followed you from your bio on here ^^ not that im stalking you =/ x

  5. You would be one of my most attractive stalkers! lol :D x

    1. haha i dont believe that for a second ^^ xxx


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