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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I found this dress in Matalan! YES MATALAN! I have not been in there for a while as the clothes are all so boring for plus sized women. Although I have heard this is going to change for the Autumn/Winter Collection.

There was a small sale rack and I saw this dress marked at £5. It is a little more flowery than I would normally go for but at £5 I thought I would try it on. I took a 26 and 28 to the changing room and both fit as it is a fairly forgiving dress and loose fit but I went for the bigger one as the boob coverage was better for me. The arm cuffs a little snug but there is a button to undo if needed. Such a light floaty dress that reminds me of the flower print dresses of the 90s that were everywhere.

Dress - Matalan £5 
Shoes - Primark £9
Bag - Ebay £15

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  1. krissi sixx1:14 pm

    What a gorgeous find!

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  3. Anonymous10:55 am

    Hola Lolly! You are the queen of dresses! I totally love this dress, you wear it well. You are just gorgeous! :)



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