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Monday, October 01, 2012

Meadowhall trip the final installment. Excuse the wet rained on frizzball hair.  New Look has had a changing room makeover and it looks so fresh and pretty. You might be able to catch a glimps in the background of some of my photos.

I had seen this red peplum dress online and figured it would look horrid on me but tried it on anyways! I am wearing a size 26 which was too low on the bust as was the peplum section but the belly was way too small.

Ooooh look their is the swanky new changing room behind me! 

I love the colour of this dress and the fact that it is polka dots. Lisa tried a 26 and I the 28. It is a really light stretchy fabric but I worry it would catch on things being of a lace type material, The bust was high enough to cover the bra and length was good on me for a dress but fear Lisa might need to size up for more length to wear as a dress.

It is by Praslin which I must admit have never tried any of their items on and had been warned their sizing is small which I would defo agree with. This dress costs £30.

I tend to shy away from skin tone clothes and have not fallen victim to the sheer blouse phenomenon but figured I would give it a whirl. I actually surprised myself and really like it. The colour is broken up by the black collar and black leggings. I fear I am too much of a wuss to wear this now as the weather has turned terribly cold and I have resorted to gloves already. It is certainly something I will try next summer.
The blouse is a size 26 and cost £17.99.

I purchased a beautiful dress from New Look but you will have to wait for an ootd post for me to show it off in its full glory without my rained on hair!

I am a fan of New Look for their variety and sizes available but I am not happy at the removal of plus size ranges from city center stores and online postage fees for orders and returns. Also the Plus Size sales never have much in them and the fact that online and in store stock are not calculated together. If something is sold out online you will usually still find it in store. Which means a trip to the shop.

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  1. I love the sheer top on you!

  2. I have to agree, the sheer blouse looks really great on you!

  3. I love the blue dress on you! It's gorgeous.

    My local New Look have recently taken away the Inspire section (although it was teeny tiny to begin with), and the one in the nearest city went several years ago. The one nearest me generally just sold jeans and basics, and if you were lucky a dress or two. I wish the industry would take the plus size sections more seriously because we all know there's a big market out there for larger sized clothes.

  4. I have the blue dress in black I got it from Evans a while ago I love the red dress xx

  5. I love the red dress, shame they couldn't sort the fit out a bit. I agree about New Look - I was in Birmingham recently and went in both stores with an Inspire section and there was sod all there. I literally walked round one store 4 times before I noticed the tiny plus section. Grrr. If you can't try on plus size clothes in NL in a massive city like Birmingham, where can you?! Well, in my local store as it happens, but for how much longer I don't know, since they seem to be ashamed of us fatties! As if it's not bad enough having to go upstairs to the fat girl bit in a lot of stores, now it seems they want to do away with Inspire in stores.

    Every time I do a survey from NL after buying online and they ask for my comments I say 'Do bigger sizes!' I know they've started to do a few 28s now, which is great, but they need to have clothes to try on too! xx

    1. If it had been a better shape for me and fit it would have come home with me. I am the same! I always go on and on about bigger sizes and more in store when I do the surveys!!! :D We have to keep on at them or they will never listen! x

  6. everything i saw you try on looks amazing on you. your just an extremely beautiful and very sexy woman and damn girl i really like your sexy legs i love you in a dress anything showing your amazing figure


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