Lady & The Tram

Thursday, September 27, 2012

I met the lovely Lady Lisa in town for a day of fun, giggles and shopping at Meadowhall since the weather was terrible and we did not want to wander around town in the rain. This meant that I got to experience my first Tram ride! I have been in Sheffield for a while now but never been on a Tram. It was pretty cheap too and now I know how to get to Meadowhall I will defo venture there more. This a picture of Lisa on the Tram to commemorate the occasion.

I made my first MUA purchases from Superdrug. I am fairly boring when it comes to make up. I bit of liquid eyeliner and red lips is as jazzy is it get from me. So I got a couple of red lipsticks one dark and one really bright. At £1 each I can't complain. One of them also has a little unscrew tub at the bottom to use with a lip brush. I also got the lightest shade of face powder they do as I get very shiny and love powder instead of a foundation.

We got some yummy cakes at Fancies Cupcake stand. We both went for mint options and they looked as good as they tasted!

Below are some really fantastic boots I tried on in Evans. Even with a wider calf fitting I still could not zip it up. Why aren't Evans doing different size calf and ankle widths along with there wide foot widths?
I bought the Halloween selection box from Hotel Chocolate. It is my favourite chocolate shop and they do fantastic designs each year for all occasions. It is not cheap thought. This yummy box cost £12.

This a beautiful print from Dorothy Perkins but sadly their sizes are too small for my 24/26 body. I want clothes in awesome prints and fabrics in size FAT! Make this happen retailers!

Another beautiful Dress in Dorothy Perkins! Again too small.

Yet again great fabric print not in our size. Come on Dorothy Perkins make your clothes bigger so us fat chicks can give you our cash!

This is a call to retailers to please make clothes for fat people that are bright and fun and sexy! Even if you as a thin person don't think these should be worn by fat people. It is our choice what we spend out money on and what we put on out bodies just give us the chance to buy what we want! Every person should feel good in what they wear no matter what size or shape.

I have a couple more posts from out outing featuring New Look and Yours. Keep your eyes peeled!

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  1. Dorothy Perkins can be so frustrating. They don't even much (any) size 22s in stores. :(

    The chocolates look awesome!

    1. When will clothes stores realise that fat people spend money on clothes and if you make lovely clothes that fit us we WILL give you our money!!! It is so stupid!

  2. Love the look of those MUA lipsticks. I tried MUA for the first time last week- with a nail polish. Can't believe how great it was for just £1. I'm gonna have to try some of the make up now, too. It really is a shame that Dorothy Perkins don't extend their sizes because they do have such gorgeous things. I guess going to a 22 is more than a lot of shops do, but I hope one day these high street retailers see sense and extend to accomodate every size! They're missing out on so much business.

  3. It is so cheap! The lipstick is really creamy. I have yet to try the nail varnish! The should not be plus size. all clothing stores should just make bigger sizes. Its not hard and their is no excuse. They want our money. So they should provide for every size.

  4. I can't believe it was your first time on the tram! Glad you had fun xx


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