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Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Some pictures from my ladies day at Meadowhall with Rachel, Lisa & another friend named Lisa. Our first stop was the new Yours shop and I tried on a few bras which I found the bands to be be very short. My usual 42 or 44 band was about 2 inches too short. The cup sizes seem very generous. I will be back next week for a proper bra fitting session and will try on every bra until I find one that works for me. 

This dress caught my eye straight away. I tried the 26 and sadly it was very baggy under the arms and the 24 was too tight across my middle. It is a beautiful dress though.

In New Look there was almost a riot when we went upstairs to discover the plus size range was no longer there. We found it had been moved to the back on the ground floor. Lisa and I decided to try some skinny polka dot jeans in a 24 but as you can see from the picture above it was not a good look.

Lisa tried this soooo cute hoodie with ears! Just purrrrrfect! We also tried the biker jacket and fell in love with it.  

H&M had little clothes of interest to me. Rachel spotted this hat and I am a huge hat fan so tried it and loved the colour and Charlie Chaplin look of it so had to get it.

Primark was crazy busy as usual but I picked up this flat cap which I thought was very Grandad like and reminded me of my Grandad wearing his to cover his bald head in summer and winter.

Sunglasses in the sale for 50p and could not pass up and a purple vest that is super stretchy and long plus covers the boobs! If it washes well I will be buying a few other colours to add to my wardrobe.

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  1. Shame about that Yours dress, its really nice. I love the bow on it.

    You got some excellent bargains in Primark, I really have to shop there more often.

    1. Primark is my fave shop for accessories! so cheap and as good as anywhere else! :)

  2. Eclectica7:47 pm

    Love primark vests, just stocked up yesterday ass they tend to last as well as others three times the price :) would love to see the new look leather jacket on you!

    1. I think I will be doing the same! I will be back next weekend and plan to get a pic of the new look biker jacket! It is quickly become my must have item!!!


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