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Thursday, September 06, 2012

I saw this dress on the New Look website and bought it instantly. I have the same dress in the zig zag print and love it so knew this would be a winner for me. The skull print is so cute and there are hearts for eyes. I am a skull print fan. I am drawn to anything to do with the skeleton, skull or teeth. I blame the Goonies movie. It is my favourite film of all time and have seen it 100s of times. Anyway back to the dress. It is a shiny sleek material with elastic around the arms to hold the puff ball in place. I got my usual size 24 and was dying to wear it asap!

I chose to go for red accessories. The necklace is an old favourite by Kreepsville 666 a Scottish brand started by an amazingly talented couple Ash & Michelle from Aberdeen. They had their own alternative shop called Retro Rebels but made the move to LA recently. Check out there stuff if you love skull, zombie, rockabilly things. The cherries have a skull in them.

I wore this to go play mini golf on a double date with miss hottie Rachel and her lovely hubby. It was a fun day out. Rachel impressed us all with her HOLE IN ONE! My score was terrible but it was all good. We also went for food and played a little are hockey where Rachel beat me and we got ice cream. Fab day with fab friends and yummy food. More day should be like this.

Dress - New Look Inspire size 24
Leggings - Tesco size 22
Shoes - New Look 
Bag - Accessorize via Ebay
Necklace - Kreepsville 666
Bangle - New Look
Lipstick - Mac Russian Red 

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  1. Hole in one yes I rule!!!! Was a fun day xx

  2. Adore that dress, I keep thinking about getting it, but do I need more dresses right now? The answer in my heart is yes, in my wallet it is no.

    Those shoes are cute too & I'd love to see a close up of that necklace, sounds amazing. :)

  3. Ooh that dress is gorgeous! Looks amazing!

  4. So cute! We have been thinking about taking the Goonie tour. We live where most of it was filmed.

    1. I plan on doing it one day! Portland and Astoria are on my list of places to visit! :D

  5. That dress is so you!!! I so wish we had New Look over here :(

  6. Thank you :) I do love New Look and they are getting better but could do so much more. If there was even a quarter of the main range available in plus size it would be 100x better!

  7. I have this too. I love New Look, their dresses are really generously sized, which gets a YAY from me. x x x

  8. I love Kreepsville666 accessories! <3


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