Another Ladies Day

Friday, September 14, 2012

Another Saturday at Meadowhall in Sheffield with the ladies had me trying on this lovely purple lace dress in Yours. Its a size 26/28 and find their clothes to be cut smaller than New Look Inspire. It was very pretty and lots of stretch to it so comfy too. I bought a gorgeous bra and pants set which I will be blogging about later.

This jacket is not plus size and neither are the shorts but I had to show them as the jacket reminds me of my Grans bed spread when I was a young child and I would just love the shorts in a plus size for winter with thick tights and boots! Both items are from H&M.

I spotted (haha) this cardi in Marks & Spencer and thought it was just lovely. Cute buttons too but £29 is not cheap! It does go up to a size 22 and looked quite generous in size.

Ah glasses! My fave thing in the world and these are from Primark and supposed to have been £2 but 50p in the sale. I already have them in yellow!

Poundland has some Halloween stuff in already and Christmas!!! I got this for the tail as I am dressing as a CatWoman for Halloween this year. The Pumpkin cases will be used for cake or jelly and the deoderant is one of my faves.

In Boots I got the face power with mirror and sponge in it for £2.99, Cover Stick Consealer for 1.99 and hand gel for £1

So that was my Saturday spending. How was your weekend?  

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  1. I've seen a few cute pieces of knitwear in Marks and Sparks recently... too bad the prices are aimed at the more mature lady with a few pennies to spare! :( Also when I look at the cat tail, I see a dildo (am I allowed to say that?! lol) x

  2. hahaha! I totally said the same thing to my Mr "it looks like a big black penis!" Amazing what you can get for a £1 lol!


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