These Boots Were Made For Walking

Saturday, March 24, 2012

This is a different take on the skater dress. More of a casual thing. I have terrible trouble with shoes being too narrow and always getting blisters from new shoes! Before Christmas I was scouring the shops and internet for a pair of winter boots. Worried that the snow would be bad! ha! Anyways I came across a brand named Hotter which was new to me and most of their stuff seems to be for the older generations but I spotted two pairs of boots that interested me. I opted for the ancle boot with buckes for my fat ancles and figured they would be best for me. They cost £60 which I grudged paying at the time but has turned out to be a great investment! They are wide fitting and the insoles are super comfy plus NO blisters!!!! I couldnt believe it but I swear its true! They also come in half sizes. The only problem I had was stupidly I wore them without socks on a hot day and they started to rub as my feet swelled and got sweaty! Gross sorry but honesty is all part of the service!

Check here for Hotter boots, shoes and bags available. Expensive but comfy!

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