It Started With A Dress

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Beth Ditto Dress for Evans was the "The Dress" that made me want to start earing dresses again. As a kid Iwas pretty girly but in my teens Iwas quite the tomboy and would only ever wear jeans and a tshirt. When i saw this dress something clicked. Finally something I loved and was of a style I liked and it was in my size!!!! I had other dresses in my wardrobe that were forced purchases. Ineeded something for a wedding or an event and had to have a dress! Any dress that fit! Not this time. It was a dress I wanted to buy and wear. I didnt care that it was more expensive than any other item of clothing I owned. I just had to have it and it started not only my love for dresses and girly things but it got the skater dress back in shops! Now you cant go anywhere without seeing one. Which i love. Thank you Beth Ditto and Evans for making me a girly girl again :) 

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  1. Thx for following my blog! This dress is fab on you. I only have a Beth Ditto Lips bag :0( but I'd love this dress! xXx

    1. You are welcome! Keep an eye out on ebay! I see it these sometimes :) x

  2. Oh, this dress is amazing! Great pics. :)

  3. I love how you styled this dress, it's so quirky! I love love love this dress, I got it too and it's the best buy from Evan's I've ever made! x


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