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Sunday, March 11, 2012

I joined Lookbook.nu recently but there very few FAT people on there so I will be posting FATshion and style things here to be seen and shared with the Blogger community.

Todays OOTD was inspired by the fabulous Tess Munster and Kat Destruction! Two Super hot Fat ladies found on the internet. I was in Manchester on Saturday and did a little shopping at the Arndale which was huge but has all the same shops as the high street and therefore not much for a FAT girl. I had been on New Looks website the day before but decided to take a peek instore. The plus size sections are always terribly small and not a lot of choice. My heart sank when I saw the green skater dress I purchases a couple of weeks ago for £24.99 was reduced to £10. Luckily they didnt have a size 24! But they did have the navy blues version so I my mood lifted a little ;) I also spotted the leopard print skirt (as pictured) for £7 in a size 26. I thought I should try it and it worked. Bargains! as these were not on the sale website. So please chack local stores for sale items as they might just have your size!

As you can see I pulled the skirt up to under my bust and used a belt but could easily have worn the tshirt loose and skirt on my waist for a more casual look. I laughed when I saw this picture beacuse of my double chins but realised I have grown in confidence and have lessoned in fucks given about what people think as I am happy with me. I wouldnt have had the confidence to wear a leoplard skirt showing off my belly 3 years ago even though I would have lusted after the skirt and probably have bought it and kept in the wardrobe. Be brave and pull out all the old clothes you have never worn and give them a shot. You never know what you might find to love!

Tshirt - hmv Michael Jackson Thriller Mens XL (custom cut) £5
Skirt - New Look Inspire size 26 £7
Legging - Evans Wet look size 22 £12
Belt - Evans XL £12
Shoes - Asda leopard pointed toe flats size 6 £8
Necklace/bangles - New Look £8
Ring - Etsy Vintage £5
Hair Bow - New Look £3

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  1. Awwwwww, Lolly, thank you so much! Your outfit is amazing, I'm glad I inspired you. :)

    I used to shop at New Look in late 2010/early 2011 but since then most of their plus size clothes are just boring. I want those green high waisted pants from their website though...

    Same here about the belly/double chin btw. :)

  2. I love this look on you. That skirt is so amazing! I love New Look Inspire for t-shirts, and think they're getting better, but they could still do with improving themselves! x

  3. Anonymous10:29 am

    You are a massive inspiration - my stomach and double chin are my biggest hatred parts of my body...I am determined to concur this!


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