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Thursday, October 05, 2017

If you saw my previous post I met up with some local bloggers for a bit of shopping and food at Meadowhall on Thursday and I bought this dress from Simply Be. I had not seen it on the website but it is there and on sale! I tried the 26 and 28 and I needed the 28 to fit my bust. It is a smock style dress and I just loved the sleeves and of course the lipstick print! It is a thin polyester non stretch material so would be great for Summer but I will chick on some boots and cardi or jacket and make it work this Winter.

The leggings are Asos Curve cropped version and I always size down in leggings. These are a 22 and they still pull up to under my bust and the elastic waist is not too tight. I also bought the full length version but they are about 5 inch too long on me (5'3'')

I had a much needed haircut on Friday and thought I would take some outfit pics and I don't own hair straighteners so my hair will never look like this again after it has been washed.

Leggings - Asos Curve Cropped size 22
Shoes - Primark
Glasses - Moschino 

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  1. Anonymous2:07 am

    You are repulsive. Super morbid obesity and fashion never mix. Wear a tent. It won't matter because everyone knows that fatties can never be even somewhat attractive. Good lord, your cankles look like pudgy hooves.
    I don't meant to be unkind,I'm simply trying to get your attention. You need to stop imagining that the worldn ees you as anything other than a pathetic loser who lacks the ability to put down her fork. Nothing else you do matters. Your obesity is all we see.

    1. “I don’t mean to be unkind” hmmm I think you are but thankfully I don’t care what anyone nevermind an anon thinks of me. See ya wouldn’t want to be ya!


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