Scarlett & Jo at Evans - In The Fitting Room

Monday, November 09, 2015

I have not done an In The Fitting Room post for a while so since I was at Meadowhall I decided to try on all the Scarlett & Jo I could find! These were my favourites from the Collection available in store at Evans.

I have this style dress in a different pattern and I just love the fit, shape, style! The mesh panel and sweetheart effect neckline are lovely. I find this style to have more boob room than the others. There seems to be more space from the neck to the waistband the others I tried. I need this extra inch or so or I need to size up. These are all size 26. They are all made from stretchy material and are comfortable. Thy all have a tie at the back so you can size up and still have shape.

Size 14 - 32

This blue is beautiful and the flower print is very pretty. I loved the button detail to the front and the longer sleeve length. I should have sized up on this for the extra boob room. I love the vintage shape to this and will be adding this to my wardrobe.

Size 14 - 32

The purple print of this dress grabbed my attention and I am not usually a fan of the keyhole neckline but actually really love this dress. Again I should have sized up for boob room.

Size 14 - 32

All these dresses are lovely enough to be worn for special occasions and everyday.This is one of the many reasons why I love Scarlett & Jo! I am most excited to share these lollidots dresses with you all! Designed by Gifi Fields after I asked for polka dots and boy did he BRING IT! These are the first lollidots that will be available very soon on the NEW Scarlett & Jo website

Check it out HERE and join the S&J Club free for 10% discount.

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