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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

I have followed Pearls & Swine for many years on social media and have always dreamed of having a special event to purchase one of her incredible head pieces. Binky the beautiful lady that makes all the amazing pieces is a huge sunglasses lover and we often send each other links to new finds.

She let me know that she was expanding into creating her own sunglasses designs and as you can probably imagine I was super excited to see what she would make!

I was blown away with her glitter covered bold fun and funky designs and pre ordered a couple straight away. I was also sent another pair as a lovely gift. Anyway enough of the words on on to the photos!!!!

I ordered the large ones to really go on the wall as art and WOW the are amazing! The are a heavy item due to the size. The Bat pair are still are large statement piece but defo wearable and I will be wearing these a lot this summer!

As you can see my nose is a little squashed but I was boiling hot and my nose was quite slick. I would love to do a proper photoshoot with these sunglasses as they are made for making art in my opinion.

The Bat glasses below are much more comfortable to wear and look just as amazing! These are made to order pieces and you can request custom colours of the glitter to suit any outfit!

The pink wig is back! My dream hair if I didn't have PCOS and thinning hair. When I saw these sunglasses I knew they would go perfectly with this old Modcloth Pie dress. The design of these sunglasses is just so cute and again can be customised to any colour glitter of gems to suit your style. These colours are so girly and pretty and I feel like a Tea Party Princess in them. 

 Here are some other designs created by Pearls & Swine and available on the website HERE

Any design can be made as it is simply a plastic cutout fixed to and already made frame! This means the possibilities are endless!

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