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Friday, December 16, 2016

I blogged about a bodycon dress a little while ago and had a some back handed compliments about being brave or how they would have sized up. Well guess what! This is my body, my belly, my dress and my CHOICE! I get to choose what I wear and how I wear it and you get to choose for yourself also!

Please don't let the opinions of strangers or even people you know or are related to make your fashion, life or health choices.


So with thai t in mind I had this dress in my Simply Be Wish List for quite some time, It is not something I will wear a lot but it reduced form £65 to £25 and I also had a 20% off code so snapped it up and had a blast deciding how to style it.

I am not a heel person. I am happy in brogues with everything but these shoes were just so bloomin cute I had to try them. The are wide fit and was surprised the ankle strap fit my extra large legs. The heel is chunky and the sole has inside padding so they are actully quite comfortable of heels. I doubt I could wear them all night but for that make an impression entrance they are a winner for me.

Dress - Simply Be Joanna Hope dress size 30 £25
Shoes - Simply Be Sole Diva Jewelled shoes size 6EEE £30
Earrings - Desperate Beatnik
Glasses - Vintage etsy

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  1. I have just found you on Facebook and this post leapt out at me (not least of all because of that fab dress that I'm now going to HAVE to buy!). I love your body positivity and your style. So glad I've found your blog. I can't wait to see what else you show us!

  2. Ah, back handed compliments - so sucky! You look bloody amazing. xx


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