Outrageous Halloween

Sunday, November 01, 2015

Happy Halloween! I hope you all had a truly outrageous day! Mh costume for our annual party was Jem from Jem & The Holograms. You may not remember this cartoon unless you are old like me. It has recently been made into a teen movie so you will probably be aware of it soon. 

My costume was one I found hard to find bits for. You can buy a complete costume on ebay for £30 if you are up to a size 14. There is also an american seller on etsy that is selling plus size versions but they are not cheap at $90 plus shipping and duty to UK.

The leggings, shoes and glasses I already owned. The belt was made from a pair of ebay leggings and blue sharpie. Wig was also from ebay and the dress was from Asos.

I found it funny we were both dressed as cartoon characters and famous in our shows at a similar time period so in a cartoon world we could have actually dated! 

Franklin was a ventriloquist dummy but it was pointed out that he looks a little like John Waters which would actually have been a better idea!

My hubby surprised me with these awesome Halloween cards. They are from etsy by DeadAnd LovelyArt. They are also available as A4 prints. Check it out for other really awesome prints and cards.

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  1. Oh my goodness, this is epic - you look truly, truly outrageous! :D Jem is one of my favourite cartoons, even now (I wanted to grow up to be Stormer!) They rebooted it as comics earlier this year, and it's pretty flippin' amazing and not at all like the travesty of a movie coming out. Definitely worth checking out if you're a big fan of the cartoons. :)


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