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Monday, November 23, 2015

I am mega awesome excited to share my first Lollidot Scarlett & Jo dress with you all! So much so that I bought lighting to take better quality photos so you can see just how perfect they are! If you have not heard me go on and on about Lollidots then here is the story. I asked Gifi Fields of Scarlett & Jo if they would do more polka dots after I had bought a couple of tops with dots from their sample sale at StyleXL. I also asked for white wedding appropriate dresses! Ha! I had seen Gifi at the Evans Event in Meadowhall a few weeks before and was wearing an old 1940s style flower print dress by him and gushed about how I loved the fit, quality and style. He worked his magic and decided to do some polka dot 1940s style dress but was calling them Lollidots instead of polka dots after me! I know let me just pinch myself!

This is the first of 3 available in this beautiful dark teal with white dots. It is a stretch comfortable material that I love as it is easy to care for and basically wash and wear. This style has a keyhole neckline which I have never really been a fan of but on this dress with the loose sleeve and round neck I am loving it and will wear it just as often as the others. I am a shortie at 5'3'' and it sits below my knee. There is a tie at the back.

I am wearing a size 26 and it fits my shoulders well. I found this style to have lots of boob room which I need. This is the medium sized Lollidots. There is also a small and large in different style that I will show you soon or you could go look and buy them from the Scarlett & Jo website now!

I added a vintage cake brooch and brogue shoes and wore this to a kids party and was comfortable and still fancy without being overdressed. This is what I love about these dresses! They really can be dressed up or down for any occasion. Remember to sigh up to the Scarlett & Jo Club to get 10% off their website! Now here are lots of lovely bright and clear photos so look at!

available in size 14-32
Brooch - Vintage
Glasses - Dead Mens Spex Vintage
Shoes - Asda

This item was very kindly gifted to me. All opinions are my own.

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  1. You look absolutely lush, and the lighting really made a difference to the quality of your photos!

  2. So exciting to have a dress named after you! ! Its beautiful. I do love the peep hole.. but then again i have a tattoo bird that sits there. Looking amazing Lolly!

  3. You look amazing and those soft boxes make a difference to your photos, too. xx


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