The Curve Fashion Festival Selfies

Friday, October 02, 2015

The best thing about events like The Curve Fashion Festival is that I get to meet up with fellow bloggers and friends and meet new people and all that means SELFIES!!!!

I had not seen Tess Holliday since the Yours Birmingham Bullring Meet in November 2015 (see HERE). She is one very busy lady and was basically doing an all day meet at greet at TCFF as the crowds around her did not stop until the event ended. I managed to grab an hour with her when she slowly made her way to the bathroom but stopping to take selfies and make use of the Evans photo booth. We the headed downstairs to have a snack and charge her phone.

The moment I saw her wearing the ASOS Sequin Cape I told her I was going to steal it and I got my chance in the bathroom! I really need it! Not the best look with my dress but I can pull it off I think.

I have seen a couple of negative things said about Tess that day and I can hand on heart say that she worked her ass off all day. She was on her feet with fans and taking selfies and chatting all day and is always nothing but a star when it comes to fans!

Photo fun!

Post the Non-Model! lol

Thinking you look good until you are next to Tess! lol

Flasher alert! Lucie & the best photo bomb ever!

Felicity & I having a moment in the back

My Precious!!!

Lovely seeing German Blogger Katrin

Kitty managed to make me look so Glam!

So lovely to meet Georgina at last!

Blogger babes

After trying to get 11 fatties into a restaurant without a booking we decided to split up and head back to out hotel for pizza.

Then this happened......#effyourbeautystandards

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  1. you ARE so glam! <3 So glad to see you again and to remember to get a photo with you this time xx

  2. Love the photos, so jealous you got to meet Tess and Georgina, all the ladies looking fab x


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