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Monday, November 05, 2012

As a FAT woman who is involved in the FAT Blogger Community I come across positive images of FAT people all the time online. As a teenager and I never saw positive images of fat people ever! Being a woman who finds the female form to be a beautiful thing I came across the term BBW fairly quickly and found women who looked like me that were naked and was astounded at how beautiful they looked and SEXY.

Beautiful and SEXY are both things I never saw myself as because I am FAT and had been told through every media that this was not possible. I was interested in seeing myself naked and through other peoples eyes as art. Being able to get naked for a complete stranger was scary and still is to a point but the outcome is what makes it all worth it.

I have been nude for Katie Soze three times now and every shoot we do produces pictures that empower me as a FAT Female. Every stretch mark, scar, roll, lump and bump is on display for the world to see and yet I look at the photos of myself and see a happy confident me who is proud to show people what FAT looks like. It is in all of us and is has nothing do with the type of person you are or the way you live your life.

FAT is not a bad word. I am FAT and I am a woman. I have large breasts and a vagina but none of this tells you who I AM. Photography is a powerful medium that has been the major reason behind my journey of self love and acceptance and the fact that my pictures help not only me but others to love their own bodies is something so special and I could never even imagined when I started on this path.

Please take the time to really look at these images and see how they make you feel about what you see and about yourself. Please feel free to comment. The women in these images are amazing ladies that I am proud to call friends. Body issues are not just a FAT female issue. Everyone has them. Learn to love yourself and your body and be happy in your skin.

You can see more from this shoot and more from Katie at http://katiesoze.tumblr.com
These images are owned by Katie Soze and may not be reproduced without her permission.

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  1. I've already told you how much I love this shoot but wanted to say it again. Its just beautiful.

    I love that all of you have such different body types, contrasts and different ways the fat falls on your bodies. It all just proves to me how completely unique and amazing all of us are, and that the idea of one type of ideal beauty/body for all is COMPLETELY ridiculous.

    Its brave, bold and goddam awesome!! xx

    1. Thank you and I wish more ladies had been able to join us on the day but things happen. I am so proud of how the pictures turned out and how inspiring they are to other fat women and girls. Spreading the image of fat and making it available is important in the change of fat=bad fight! x

  2. You ladies rock for doing this. We totally need to normalise fat bodies and doing things like this is a great step forwards. I admire you so much for this. xx

    1. I totally agree and that is one of the reasons why I do it! We have to be seen for people to notice and get over their shock and issues with fat so they can see the beauty and accept. x


  4. As a photographer who loves working with plus ladies (or as you put it "fat" ladies) I so greatly admire what you and your companions have done here. My only regret is that your not closer to where I am because there is not much I would like more than to shoot with you myself.

    You are to be commended. Kattie did a fantastic job with you. I just wish there were more images like this and more women who were willing to show the world that fat women are beautiful too.

    Zaftig Buff Photos

  5. Would have loved to have joined you and liberated my body

  6. Would have loved to have joined you and liberated my body


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