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Monday, November 19, 2012

I have had this South Diner Dress from Very for quite a while now and have never got around to wearing it yet so thought I would winter it up a bit and see how it looked.
The print is beautiful and so fun and I decided to add gold accents with the Domino Dollhouse Glasses Belt and Gold R2D2 shoes. I am not someone who wears tights as I find it hard to get ones that fit and hate having to pull them up all the time so I tend to stick to leggings with dresses but as this is a summer dress and thought I could do without on a mild day but would probably add red or navy leggings on those really chilly winter days. I added a vintage navy bag and blue felt hat and one of my Jammie Dodger Brooches available HERE.

Dress - South via size 24
Shrug - Excite Clothing size 24/26
Shoes - Primark £6
Bag - Vintage
Belt - Domino Dollhouse
Tartan Glasses - Vintage
Hat - H&M 
Jammie Dodger Brooch £3.50 from HERE

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  1. Love it. The hat is such a cute touch and I'll be buying one of those jammy dodger brooches, please :) xx

  2. Wow that dress is amazing!! I love how you've dressed it. And I think red leggings would look amazing with it!

  3. I love the dress darling! You look fabulous. <3


  4. Anonymous1:30 am

    Hola Lolly!
    Just stopping by to say hello, as always you look fantabulous!

    ~SimplyyMayra :)

  5. Those shoes look even better than i anticipated! im so jealous now!


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