Are You Ready For Swap #4

Monday, November 26, 2012

Yes it is that time again! The Yorkshire Rad Fat Collective is yet again getting their Swap On! Previous Swaps have been organized by the lovely Kirsty and Emily but as Kirsty has moved to London and Emily is really busy with Uni Rebecca and I decided we would try our hand at organizing the next one.

You can see my previous Swap posts HERE and HERE. You can join the Yorkshire Rad Fat Collective HERE on facebook to keep up to date with future events.

Basically it will be held at Wharf Chambers in Leeds as always! On Saturday 12 January 2013.
It is not only clothes of size 16 + You can also bring shoes, bags, belts, bras, jewellery, nail varnish.
There is a £1 entry fee to cover cost of the venue and a cafe to buy tea, coffee and cakes.
You can bring as much or as little as you like but please make sure the items that you bring are in good condition and usable.

The amazing Chloe of Lifes Big Canvas and The Marvellous Tea Dance Co. both situated in The Birds Yard just around the corner from the Swap venue Wharf Chambers have been kind enough to provide us with discounts for Swap attendees.

Please link and pass on details to friends and family you think would be interested in coming along. The swap only works if you donate and take away. It is a fun day in a fat safe, no diet talk environment.

A big THANK YOU to Charlie for her cool Poster and Leaflet designs!

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  1. I'm so excited for this! And the posters are ace.

  2. Really wish I could make this, really gutted I won't be in Leeds hoo :( x


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