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Sunday, July 01, 2012

While clearing out my old room at my parents house I found some great old tshirts had had bought but never worn because I felt they were too small. Since discovering my new love for VBO (Visible Belly Outline) and my DB (Double Belly) I thought these I should give the tshirts the wear they deserve and get my money worth out of them!

The top picture shows how the tshirt looks before with long sleeves and covering my top belly 

This picture is after I cut the sleeves a little shorter and rolled them up. I also made the neck wider and lower to shoe more chest and tucked the skirt in and pulled it up to under my bust to shoe off my DB and have a VBO. The belt I felt worked well. 

Side by side shot just because I can! Give your old clothes a look through and see if there is anything you can alter and use. This works just as well with SB (Single Belly) as it does with DB. Don't trust your mirror! Take a full body pic to see how an outfit looks and then decide if it works or not. Show me your finds!

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  1. Love it I think it looks better tucked in xx

    1. It gives me a better split rather than all top heavy! lol boobs and belly are quite a combo! :) xx

  2. Love how you switched it up to make it work. I always dislike my "double" tummy. I am going to have to try this next time I wear a skirt!

    1. adding a belt gives the look of an hourglass even if you are not and takes attention away from the belly. Plus you get such cute belts now for fatties :D I am a total belt convert!


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