PLUS NORTH 2012 The Start Of Something Special

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Disclaimer - Most of these photos were taken by other lovely ladies at the event!

The venue was Aspire in Leeds and just a short walk from the train station. It was beautiful! Set on two levels with table displays around the edge of the room and upstairs. There was so much to see. I picked up a copy of Slink Magazine. Munched down a pretty and yummy cupcake from Fat Cow Moos. Wished I had more money while looking through the rails of clothes from ExciteClothing and Simply Be. Also checking out the handmade jewels by Pesky Chloe from Lifes Big Canvas.

These are the wondeful ladies that made all this possible and put in months of work to make it the amazing day it was! Toni & Mrs Bebe

I wore my Evans Clements Ribeiro dress (size22/24)with Asda Leggings (18), Domino Dollhouse Glasses Belt (xxl), Romwe Collar, Primark wide fit bow shoes & Dorothy Perkins frame bag. This picture was taken by a lovely lady from the Evans stall and I borrowed it from the Evans Blog as I forgot to take a picture of my outfit!

The Mighty Boof was super fun and I wanted to take all the glasses home with me! Such a fun thing for weddings and parties. All photos were free on the day and were featured on their facebook page here.

The fashion show was put on by sponsors Simply Be and the models were allowed to chose two outfits they would like to wear. I picked this fun aubergine and flower dress. I loved the colour and print. It was really comfy and light. Almost tshirt like but with little sleeve details that made it more formal.

Link to this dress here £40 (size 26)

I had also picked a yellow honeycomb dress but it was not available so was given a black dress with faux leather pocket detail. It was a nice shape and quite heavy material so more of a winter wardrobe item for me but I liked it. 

Link to this dress is here £45 (size 26)

All the models had picked great outfits and some were also modeling underwear. Everyone was nervous but excited and did a fantastic job. The Simply Be ladies were lovely and so supportive. We got to keep the items we modeled so a big thank you to Simply Be for that! We were also given little gift bags for taking part.

I loved this dress and especially on this lovely lady. The gorgeous and sexy Hanna from The Wardrobe Challenge

Kaye aka Testy Brunette looked stunning in her outfits. Even more pretty in person than in her photos!

After the fashion show I got a chance to sit and chat to some of the lovely ladies including Lisa from My Big Fat Blog. More fun and frolicks to come with this lady in my future!

Laura Darby and friend from Jelly Belly Frocks looking lovely in a fab polka dot dress. Such a cutie!

I got to meet lots of new ladies such as writer Cath Bore, Beth aka TinksLostGirls & Nelly from NellysCupcakes and yet there were still sooooo many I did not get the chance to talk to.

Rachel looked fabulous as always and was a big hit with her purple hair snood and matching lipstick. Her ASOS glasses chain was also a big hit! So much so I ordered it at the event on my phone for fear of it selling out before I got home!

I did not get the chance to meet this table of lovely ladies but I had to share this photo as it is full of fab hair and glasses porn! Who are you ladies? I want to know you! I want to know all the ladies I did not get the chance to talk to. You know who you are! Yes you!

Another beauty I didn't get to meet but just look at how gorgeous she is! So may hot fat ladies in one room was really an amazing sight and I felt honoured to have been a part of it.

Some of the cards I got from people and stalls and my name tag. Wish I had got more and handed out more of mine. Oh well there is always next year!

Plus North here
You can see a video of the fashion show by Found On Film on youtube here
See the official Simply Be photos on Facebook here
Rebecca Northcott photos here
Evans Blog about event here

This is the most LINK HEAVY post I have ever done!

Were you there? If not then why not? Make sure you get a ticket to next year! Even bigger and better if Toni  & Mrs Bebe are on the case! 

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  1. AWWW I love this post! Makes me sad its all over!
    And yes, plenty frollicks to be had in the future!

    1. I know! I feel like we need a monthly plus north not yearly! :D

  2. Lolly! Thanks so much for the shoutout! I love that dress too, I was in shock when we heard that we could keep them!

    It was lovely to meet you, and I hope you get some use for that cardi ;)!


    1. It looked amazing on you and the underwear was devine! Watch out for the cardi in a future ootd post! It was really lovely to meet you too and hopefully we dont have to wait a year to meet again! X

  3. Looks like you ladies had an amazing day! Love the collar on you added to your dress, it looks great!

    1. It really was brilliant! Thank you i felt like i needed to look a bit different incase someone wore the same dress! Lol

  4. Thanks so much Lolly! You looked fab in your Clements dress and what you wore for the catwalk too! We all rocked, it has to be said! xxx

    1. Thank you :) we really did rock!!!! :D x

  5. Your so sweet :) I loved meeting you ladies. Just wish I wasn't so blooming tired and got to make a proper day of it. I did love your dress and my friend really liked your belt :) xx

  6. More sleeps and more meets for you! ;) x

  7. omg your dress is fabulous!

  8. A blog of pure fabulousness! Love it! -xo, katlyn from

    1. Thank you :) I will be checking out yours! x

  9. I love the glasses and the belt with glasses too! how cute! :D

    1. Thanks I am all about the glasses porn! :)


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