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Thursday, July 05, 2012

Ok so this post isn't about the yummy ice lolly but it is about this lovely Clements Ribeiro top/dress from their Swan range for Evans. I bought it in the sale last week online for £15 which much less than the original price. My heart sunk a wee bit when I saw my other Swan dress was also in the sale but I am just happy I managed to get the items I wanted.

Sadly the shape of the other more fitted dresses were just no use for my boobs and belly. I love his range and the prints. I call it Granny prints because I can imagine my Gran and Great Gran wearing print like these. I am no shrinking violet and like bold in your face prints. They put a smile on my face. So today is a smiley happy day. Have you purchased anything from the range? How did you find the fit.

This is a size 22/24 and the material has a stretch to is super comfy. It is a strange shape or maybe its just supposed to be shorter since I am only 5'3''. The boobs have plenty room but the belly is very clingy but that doesn't bother me. VBO all the way! I realize I have worn these leggings in my last 2 FATshion posts but just shows I am getting my monies worth out of them!

dress - clements ribeiro for evans
leggings - my pretty plus
belt - matalan
bag - abay
necklace - matalan
bangle - primark
shoes - primark
glasses - ebay dead mens spex

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  1. I love this top. Have been debating getting some stuff in the sale, this looks great on you!


    1. I loved all the ClementsRibeiro stuff but was just out of my price range. The sale has been great for me! lol

  2. Love the belt so, so, so much was it thrifted?

    1. Thanks. No it was from Matalan £4. I got it in blue too with a boat on it. Size xl and very stretchy. I think they still have them. You could try their website :)

  3. That tunic looks great, really suits you! Lovely length too, not too long or short. I had a peep at the Evans sale yesterday when you posted the code and I loved the look of the red dress with the shoulder embellishments, think it was from the same range. Had bad reviews though so decided against it :/ It's weird how Evans can do some really nice stuff and some really naff bits too. Love your belt, hope you don't mind but saw you wearing your lovely blue Anchor one, then came across it on the Matalan site and bought it! x x

  4. I love it it looks great on you in not do happy about the sale as I bought loads full price! But never mind nearly plus north time! Xx

  5. Gorgeous. Just like you. Keep on being beautiful.


  6. Ooo, I like this print! You look lovely in it :)


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