Lazy Dayz

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Its not often but some days I just don't feel like putting on a dress or makeup. On these lazy days I opt for tshirt or vest, leggings and a hoodie depending on how chilly it is. I Got this Minnie Mouse vest from New Look a few years ago and love it! It is a super thin vest so great for those hot days and I just got this hoodie from New Look last week for £15 which is not bad. Its not really thick but it is cozy and I saw a very similar one in Evans for £32! They are now in the sale for about the same price as New Look. Not The most interesting outfit post to date but everyone has comfy lazy day clothes in their wardrobe. The ones you nip out to the local shop in or maybe you like PJs for your lazy dayz!? Show me your Lazy Wear Ladies and Gents!!! 

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  1. thats generally me through the week I get dressed up weekends thats about it haha

    1. not working it would be easy to just stay in hoodie or pjs all week but i make the effort to get dressed as it makes me feel better when i look half good! lol


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