Sunny Days Call For Sunglasses

Friday, May 25, 2012

Since I love glasses it is hardly a shock that I also love sunglasses! I collect them and have quite a few. These are more recent ones.
For the next couple of weeks I am in Edinburgh visiting my parents and clearing out my old room. Sadly this means not so many OOTDs but I will try to get one or two in! It does mean I get to show you all my sunglasses I have found while sorting through my things. Last chance today to buy from my sale blog! 

Both from Primark £2 each

Both from Primark £2 each

Pink from Primark £2/ Cream from Asda £3

TKMaxx £14 Vintage. Gift from my Bestie

Primark £2

Vintage & Primark £2

Vintage Prescription Sunglasses Ebay £5

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  1. I've been wearing my yellow primark ones today its been too sunny i think I'm melting! i love those ones from etsy they are gorgeous ! xx


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