Lady Date

Friday, May 11, 2012

On Wednesday I had a Lady Date with the very lovely and very gorgeous Rachel from A Dress Is For Life. We met at Meadowhall Mall for drinks chat and most some window shopping. Turns out neither of us are good at just looking as you can see from my mass of purchases below! We went to New look and tried on a heap of stuff and I returned a skirt and got the black and white flat shoes.

A don't think a girl can ever have too many hair bows! I wear them almost every day because I hate my hair in my eyes but my hair is too curly for a fringe and I am too lazy to mess about with it everyday. I collect sunglasses and love Primark for having a fantastic range at cheap as chips prices! The Tiger PJ Suit from Primark £12.99 was an impulse buy as Rachel raved about them and I have to say I love mine now! So cozy and fun! I will defo be investing in some more for cold winter nights. The last picture is a peek at what my next blog will be about.

What have you been buying recently? 

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  1. I love this tiger suit! I saw them in Primark the other day and was tempted :)

    Great purchases, particularly loving the sunglasses x

  2. I had lots of fun ! Can't wait to see the post on your purchase, I'm going to try to write mine tomorrow xx

  3. Anonymous10:19 pm

    I can feel my wallet shaking at the prospect of u and Rach shopping together on a regular basis!

  4. great purchases! I have to say that whenever I've popped over to Meadowhall, I've usually come back with things I didn't mean to buy - there's something about that place that makes you spend money!

  5. I love lady dates! And why is it that kids get all the cute hair accessories? Those are so fricking cute!


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