Tuesday, May 01, 2012

It has been a little while since I did a FATshion post so here goes! Being of little to no means at the moment I had to stop myself buying this tshirt from New Look Inspire when I saw it online a month or so ago for £12.99. I used to be a tshirt and jeans girl and wore it like a uniform. I have grown into a dress and skirt girl so told myself I didn't need it.

When New Look announced a sale last week I had a look online and saw it was reduced to £5!!! I caved and got it in a size 26 which is bigger than I would normally go for from New Look but figured it would be kinda fitted and I wanted to wear it loose. It arrived today and I tried it on instantly. I love the sleeves and larger round neck. Even the length is good. I am pleased I got it and even more so that I waited and got it cheap! Bargain!

Tshirt - New Look Inspire - size 26 - £5
Skirt - New Look Inspire - size 26 - £6
Trainers - Vans - TKMaxx - size 6 - £20
Piano Key Bangle - Primark - £2

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  1. I'm in actual love with that skirt.

  2. Anonymous10:09 pm

    Like the t-shirt, love the first pose check out the guns!!

    1. HA there is so steel there! Its all jelly!

  3. Love the t-shirt, and really like how you've styled it - casualness yet still really feminine and chic. Top marks!

  4. gorgeous! And what a bargain!!! xx


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