Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Excuse the poor quality pictures. I am at my parents and using my phone to do this these posts. You get the idea. This is the dress I blogged about previously. It is the same dress available at New Look but I got it from an ebay shop for much cheaper. The shoes are old New Look and you may have seen them in black too in other posts. My new glasses from Lensway arrived and I love them! It is way too hot outside for this dress but I had to wear it because its so cute! Love the button detail and means I don't need to wear a belt.

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  1. Love the dress it looks really nice also loving the glasses in the background xx

  2. love the red. looks fab on you! ^^d
    those shoes are gorgeous! MMxoxo

  3. Lol Rachel, I noticed the glasses on the wall too! Love the dress. The fit is really nice on you.x


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