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Monday, May 21, 2012

Inspired by this lovely lady over at Hello Jiggles and her post about her charm bracelet, I thought I would share my charms. Hello Jiggles is a really great new blog with lovely lady contributers that I have blogged about before. Go look and follow!!!!

I have only been collecting charms for a few years. I am obsessed by oversized objects and miniature objects so charms are right up my street! Plus there are so many amazing fun and random designs.  Some have moving parts and open up to reveal a hidden something. For example the Gramophone charm has a little mouse inside it! 

Above - 
Pumpkin - Halloween is my fav day of the year!
Glasses - Duh!
Skateboard - I am too top heavy to board but admire those who do
Poodle - Love dogs and poodles are so strange and cute
Rocket - Just cool! Has a Moon Man inside
Plane - I love to travel. Wanderlust 

Above -
Lobster & Cage - Because Lobsters mate for life = LOVE
Daisy - Fave flowers are ones that look like the daisy
Book - Little Women By L.M Alcott
Typewriter - Before computers there were typewriters. It symbolizes technology and progress

Above - 
Here are a few more of my larger charms. I tend to wear these on a necklace. 
Gramophone - I used to work for hmv and their logo is the Gramophone and Nipper the dog
Slot Machine - Vegas Baby! I want to GO!!
Top Hat - I love hats and have a few but want more
Vintage Movie Camera - I am a movie addict. Blame hmv
Shopping Trolly - Shopaholic
Pocket Watch - My great uncle had a Rolex one that I loved as a kid.

Most of my charms are from Ebay and are Sterling Silver. Priced from £6-£26. 

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  1. aw! so glad i could inspire you to post you amazing charm bracelet! i love it!!! charm bracelets are SO fun and i love the unique story that each one tells! i love your bracelet. that lobster cage is SO cute! i think it is my favorite. :) --amelia

  2. Anonymous7:21 pm

    Some of those are very cool I like the idea of just collecting the ones that mean something to u, kinda like telling a story! (Apart from the poodle they are evil! Lol)

  3. i love the grammar phone its cute xx


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