Evans & Clements Ribeiro Dress

Saturday, May 12, 2012

As I have blogged before about this collection I will get straight to the point! When I was out Wednesday with Rachel from A Dress Is For Life we went to Evans and I got to see the collection in person fro the first time and try some things on. 

The red dress was a fave when I saw it online as was the aqua and peach version. They are the same dress so I tried a size 24 and 26. It just looked awful on me. The shape did not sit well on me at all! I had to size up to the 26 just to fit it over my boobs and belly. I have seen this on other bloggers including Rachel and it looks fab! So it is just not suited to my shape.

The dress below looks much better in person than online. The detail of the print is great and so I tried it on in a 24 which fit as it is a stretchy fabric but I still felt the bust area was small. But I do have massive boobs! Also as you can see on the model it is knee length and on my tiny 5'4" frame it was very long! I loved the sleeves and v neck but would have had to have it taken up which I feel would spoil the overall look.

Below is the dress I fell in love with online and even more so in person! The colours! The flowers! The stripes! I tried it on in a 22/24 and it was a little big so tried the smaller size which was a straight size 20 and both Rachel and I felt it was a little tight and the bigger one looked better. The length on this dress was pretty true to the model pictures and the sleeves also not far off.  Thanks to Rachel for the photos.

I caved and bought it bought it! £50 is a lot of money for me to spend on a dress and I had a little bit of guilt on the journey home but one I tried it on again I felt happy with the fact that it is a beautiful dress that I will wear again and again. I had to remind myself that the Beth Ditto Polka Dot dress I got many years ago is still a fave and I am sure this dress will be the same. It looks like it will wash well and easy to dress up or down.
OOTD posts to come!

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  1. it looks beautiful on! and I'm sure you'll wear it lots as its so pretty. i don't really get buyers guilt this is probably not a good thing lol xx

  2. Gorgeous dress and you look beautiful in it! I agree that it'll probably get alot of wear, however I've a sneaking feeling a lot of the range will end up in the sales because anything they've done that has been a step beyond evans' norm has done so, therefore I'm waiting until it does and getting myself a bargain, hopefully!

    1. I am sure you are right about it all ending up in sales! I wanted to get it because it is my fave and I didnt want to risk my size not being available in sales. Also actually trying them on I know now what ones not to buy in the sales! I think I need to go back and try on the rest just to be sure of what I want and dont want ;) haha

  3. You look great in this dress and oooooze confidence. I'm not sure I would be brave enough to wear this flowery cocktail number! I'm very tempted by the red dress, although I have a similar shape to you so probably best I try it on before buying.

  4. such a shame about the red dress, it looked so pretty :(

    I agree you will get heaps of wear out of the dress!


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