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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Would you believe that a few years ago I wold never have worn red! I was not confident in my size/body and red was just too bright and "look at me". Since then I have learned to love my body/shape/size/self and no colour is off limits!

Red is actually one of my favourite colours now because of it bold and vibrant look. I bought this Scarlett & Jo dress a while ago and only now getting around to show you all how fabulous it is. I feel like a glam air hostess. Come fly with me!

I love a sweetheart neckline and the folded detail of this is just perfect. Being a very big busted lady I am not someone who can wear strapless bras so I really appreciate having the shoulders covered. The polka dot lace sleeves are a lovely detail and are a comfortable stretchy lace. I am wearing the size 26 and originally bought the larger size bout found the bust too big. The material is a cozy cotton sateen with some stretch. It is from the Petite Collection. There are two spits at the back.

Bodycon style is not something everyone likes and it is down to how comfortable you are with your body and showing it's shape. I hate the word Flattering. Why not call is what it is - Hiding. If you want to hide bits then do it but don't put others down for wanting to show off their bits. Now check out my VBO (visible belly outline) I have a double belly which is not bad, it is just what I have.

When I buy/wear clothes I wear them for me and nobody else. My choices are my own and if you don't like it I don't care. Wear what makes YOU feel good/happy.

Dress - Scarlett & Jo Sweetheart Bodycon dress size 26 £60
(Get $5 off - HERE)
Brooch - Be Spectacular By Jesiiii 
Earrings - Desperate Beatnik
Fascinator - Asos - old
Shoes - Banned Apparel Amazon

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