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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

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Sybelle & Joost
Assen, The Netherlands 

Where did you meet your Bride/Groom?

I met him in a bar in 2004, we became best friends and stayed that way for 4 years. I left the country for 6 months in 2008 and when I came back we fell in love.

I think it's because we were both in a relationship when we met, you don't look at each other that way when you're involved with someone. We needed that 6 months apart to see each other in a new light.

When did you get married and where?

We actually got married twice. The first time was May 30th 2011 in Las Vegas on vacation. It was just the 2 of us and we didn't even get dressed up. We had to do a whole lot of paperwork do make in legal in The Netherlands so we just decided to get married again exactly one year later on May 30th 2012 in Assen, The Netherlands surrounded by all our friends and family.

What dress/suit size were you when you got married? (only answer if you want to)

It think I wore around a UK size 24, I don't know what size my husband was. 

What was your experience of finding a dress/suit?

I ordered my dress from lightinthebox.com. I put in my measurements and it came almost perfect. My mother in law altered it a little bit. That was my idea from the start, make sure it's not too small and have it altered to perfection, it just didn't need a lot of altering. They have a lot of dresses and they are cheap enough that even if they need to be professionally altered  they will still be affordable. The quality is amazing. 

Describe your day.

Joost actually stayed at his parents house the night before and picked me up from our place in our own beautiful pink classic car. It was very low budget but totally us. It was on a Wednesday and just did a quick ceremony, had a few drinks and had a big party in out backyard over the weekend.

Anything else you want to add.

Just make sure to enjoy your day and don't worry about the little stuff. 

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