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Monday, May 09, 2016

You probably had a Barbie Doll as kid or something similar. I did! I had a Peaches & Cream 1986 Barbie and loved her for many years. With a body like Pamela Anderson and not representing a significant number of actual female bodies she is the first figure we recognise as what is perfection in the female form sadly. I urge everyone so take a look at the Lammily Dolls and see how they actually represent a realistic average body type.

I was sent the Female modelled on an average teen body and am so happy that she is wearing cut-offs and a shirt with trainers! Not skimpy outfits or sexualised. With my Doll I got the Marks and Period Party Sticker sets.

I love that she looks like a kid! Just the average kid next door! Not covered in makeup, tiny heel wearing feet so small she is unable to stand or boobs so big she would have back pain!

The Marks Sticker set includes Glasses which I am so happy about! It also has stretch marks, cellulite, tattoos and acne! These stickers are a brilliant tool to use in schools and at home to let kids know that all these things are NORMAL and everyone has some of them. 

The Period Party had me most excited! To have this as a young girl and been able to talk about periods and have this fun and interactive guide would have been amazing. It include pant liners, pads, pants and a chart to record you cycle with stickers. Every kid should get this and periods should not be a dirty word. It is NATURAL and means you are able to create life.

Here is Lammily standing on her own two feet unaided! Yes she has feet that can support her body!

Showing off her glasses. 

Realistic size feet and toes. I added the heart sticker as I have a the same tattoo on my ankle.

Thighs, belly, modest bust and bum. This is the body we should be showing kids and teaching them that their body is normal and not giving them unrealistic body standards.

If you are still not convinced that Lammily are doing an amazing thing then just look at these pictures of other Dolls that kids are bombarded with daily on tv and in their own homes.  I was shocked by the EXTREME UNREALISTIC BODY STANDARDS.

PLEASE tell everyone you know about these Dolls and buy them for every kid you know. Support a brand that has kids body image as a priority and not just making money. 

This lovely Photographer will be available soon. You can buy patterns to make clothes for the dolls or buy from  people who make them on Etsy and Ebay.

This is the Average Male version next to a Ken Doll (I think) It is not just girls that a re subject to unrealistic body standards. This Doll is not on the website but hopefully it will return soon. 

You can purchase from Lammily direct in the USA or check out Amazon for UK and maybe avoid customs charges.

I was sent these items for review but I have been a fan on Lammily for a while and having seen the Dolls in person and been able to play with them and watch Franklin (my almost 3 year old) play with them I can safely say that all Dolls should be made by Lammily! The best $25 you will spend on a kid or body positive adult!

These items were gifted to me for review. All opinions are my own.

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  1. This is amazing! Thank you so much for highlighting a brilliant brand & amazing body positive toy and talking point for wee ones. These should definitely be made available in schools! X


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