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Tuesday, April 05, 2016

How amazing are these glassesporn by Lindsay Lowe Eyewear!!!! I was sent these to review but really I was in love with them the minute I saw them. They are available as clear lenses to reglaze with your own prescription or as sunglasses. The Fright Board ones glow in the dark! YES I said GLOW IN THE DARK but you will have to wait for my full review with photos later as this post is all about the Signature 3D Yellow Spotted beauties below. These really are conversation starter pieces as Lindsay says "Start a conversation" on all the promo stuff.

As the sun showed itself for a while today I took the chance to wear the Yellow 3D frames with a yellow themed outfit. The glasses remind me of The Flintsones with the bright Yellow bold print. They are a sturdy plastic frame with the print on the back of a clear frame which gives a great glossy magical look in sunlight. They have solid black thick arms which again make for a sturdy frame. They are a medium to large frame so will fit almost everyone. The Lindsay Lowe Eyewear heart logo is on the arms and you can spot it on the bottom left of the Yellow frame.

I can see me wearing this frame a lot this Summer with most outfits as the yellow really goes with anything. I can't wait to style some more outfits with these frames. The clear lense option is slightly cheaper than the sunglasses option so keep that in mind if you will be reglazing with your prescription. I did think about getting these reglazed as sunglasses but it will reduce my wearing as the sun is not in the UK much. 

Denim Jacket - New Look Inspire
Dress - Simply Be via ebay
Shoes - Simply Be
Heart Brooch - Betenoirejewellery
Tooth Pin - FancyLadyIndustries
Bart/Back ToThe Future Pin - ThumbsDesign
Enid BatGirl Brooch - Kate Rowland

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