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Wednesday, April 06, 2016

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Leah & James
Hastings, UK

Where did you meet your Bride/Groom?

We met on my birthday night out in the original Intrepid Fox rock pub in Soho, London. We had a mutual friend who introduced us. James's opening line was to ask to borrow a hair band! 

When did you get married and where?

We got married at Hastings registry office on April 7th, 2012. It was a small ceremony with about 30 people there, and we had about 100 people there. in the evening.

What dress/suit size were you when you got married? (only answer if you want to)

 I was a size 26/28, about the same as now. 

What was your experience of finding a dress/suit?

I'd heard from a few different people that they'd had horrible experiences trying to buy a plus size wedding dress from high street shops, and I didn't want that for myself. So I bought a dress online after some research, but the company turned out to be an absolute shambles. I got my dress 3 days before the wedding, which caused a few grey hairs in itself! The dress was stunning though and although it weighed a ton I felt like an absolute princess in it and didn't want to take it off at the end of the day. 

Describe your day.

It was the BEST day! We didn't have a lot of money saved as we'd never planned to get married, but we had financial help from family and friends to get married after a major event nearly had me meeting my maker. We'd been together for 8 years when I had my second ectopic pregnancy and nearly died. My fallopian tube ruptured and I nearly bled to death on the operating table. After this James - the most laid back man ever - decided maybe we should get married after all. There was no romantic proposal, just a feeling of 'You're not dead, let's get hitched!' So we did. My dad bought everyone with a pulse a drink that day, he was so proud. My brother just beamed at me all day long. My mum was overjoyed and loved me taking her around to meet everyone. There wasn't a lot of money involved but there was a whole lot of love and I was on a cloud afterwards. Everyone was right - it DOES go so quick, and I'd love to renew my vows and be able to enjoy things again without being a bridezilla!   

Anything else you want to add.

James and I didn't think we'd want to wear wedding rings afterwards, and we didn't think getting married would increase our bond, but it did. As soon as the day was over the wedding rings we'd planned to put back in the box had this new importance for us, and getting married did bring us closer. Not just us as a couple, but our two families, and all the people there. It's impossible not to be touched by that much love. It changes you for the better.

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