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Monday, April 04, 2016

I saved my favourite photos from the Velvet shoot for last! I just love this look! My Hubby says I look Like a sexy Superhero! What more could you ask for?!

This dress is from the Beth Ditto/Evans Collaboration 10 years ago and I have worn it maybe twice. At the time I bought it I was not as confidentas I am now but loved fashion and just had to have it.

 Make sure to check out BethDitto.com for her NEW Collection! These are some of my faves! 

Seeing these photos now I know I will be wearing this dress lots and giving it the love it deserves. I have kept it safe in the wardrobe for too long! Fashion is made to be worn not just admired on a hanger waiting for a day when you have lost X pounds. 

The dress is actually on backwards! The neckline in a deep curve and I wanted a less boobular look for the shoot and I think it looks great this way too. 

Rocking a bodycon and double belly vbo (visible belly outline) will be some peoples idea of a nightmare and it was mine also many moons ago! I hope that seeing these photos you see that it is not something to be afraid of! If you love the dress then wear it! If your belly sticks out.....so what!

Rock out with your belly out!!!! 

Dress - Vintage Beth Ditto for Evans
Shoes - Next sale
Wig - blog sale
Glasses - Zenni 

Photographer - Velvet d'Amour of Volup2
Stylist - LollyLikes

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  1. You babely creature you! You look fricking amazing. xx


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