Feelin 50's

Sunday, January 17, 2016

I bought this little sweater from Modcloth ages ago and this is my first time wearing it. This skirt is the perfect companion for it and already blogged about the amazing InterroBang Art skirt HERE

My Gran always wore little sweaters like this minus the cute print. I feel like my Granny/Advanced Style just went up 10 points. Again these glasses are perfect with this skirt and it is a proper little American inspired outfit. I love the round neck and short sleeves. It is just cozy enough without being too warm. 

Since the sweater features a pair of saddle shoes it would be rude not wear some with it and think they totally finish off this look perfectly.

I am not a fan of tights as I have never found a pair that stays up or is comfortable so I will be putting on a pair of leggings to keep my pins warm. I might make it my mission this year to find a pair of tights that I can live with! 

Top - Modcloth Retro Romantic Top size 4x $27.99
Skirt - Interrobang Art Custom Midi size XL £40
Shoes  - PinUp Girl Clothing
Glasses - @VintageToATea on Intagram

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