105 Plus/Fat Bride/Groom - Meet Bobbi & Erik

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Wedding Wednesday post where every Wednesday you get to find out a little more about the couples that shared their photos for the 105 Plus/Fat Bride/Groom Photos post HERE or the Youtube video HERE

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Bobbi & Erik 
Columbia, South Carolina USA

Where did you meet your Bride/Groom?

We met on an online quiz site back in 2005.

When did you get married and where?

We were married 9/23/15 at our home in a private ceremony that included immediate family and our closets friends. 15 people total.

What dress/suit size were you when you got married? (only answer if you want to)

My dress size when I was married was a 28.

What was your experience of finding a dress/suit?

Luckily, since we went with a really casual ceremony I had no trouble finding a dress. It was a size 5 from Torrid. I had a lot of anxiety growing up about finding a nice, formal gown for such an occasion. I had the hardest time finding a prom dress when I was in high school, as I was the same dress size as I am. It was very emotionally damaging and a terrible experience all around and I think this had a lot to do with the reason I decided long ago that I did not want a large, fancy wedding.

Describe your day.

My wedding was the best day of my life. It was totally stress free, and I couldn't be more grateful. Looking back, I don't think I'd change any one thing about it. I'm extremely happy that we decided to keep it small and casual and that we didn't have to go into debt to create the day of our dreams.

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