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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Instagram is a great place to find new and interesting things. I was tagged by a friend on a picture of this dress from SillyOldSeaDog and it was on sale for £50. I ordered the size 28 and it arrived 4 days later!

The print is a funny comic book style and all the bright colours. The size is great for me. I was surprised that the waist is actually at my waist. Usually my boobs pull the waist up to just under my bust. Also I have to give praise for normal sized arm holes!!!!! Not holes that I could fit my head through and you end up seeing a lit of bra. Length is great too and would not be too short in a tall person.

It is a think cotton and just perfect For Summer. I am so pleased with this dress and that I have been introduced to another place to shop for fun and funky print dresses in my size. I took to the Garden to take these photos since our new fence had just been put in and it was a lovely bright and beautiful day to give this dress it's first outing.

Dress - SillyOldSeaDog size 28 £50
Belt - from another dress
Shoes - old New Look
Necklace - FollowRayOnline
Bangle - ebay
Glasses - Primark Sunglasses (reglazed)
Love Sign - Dotcomgiftshop £5.95

When you love yourself,
 you don't care what anyone thinks or has to say about your body. 
When you love yourself,
 you don't need to put others down to feel good about yourself. 
When you love yourself,
 you can do anything your heart desires. 
When you love yourself,
 you can accept love from others. 
Love yourself! 

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  1. What a fantastic dress! It looks fab on you. I love your little mantra at the end of this post - very inspiring x

  2. This is phenomenal! really cute print & the jewellery just tops it off! x

  3. that dress is amazing, and how big Franklin looks omg!! xx


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