PSBloggers Christmas Meet - Part 1

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Saturday morning I got up early to go to Meadowhall for the PSBloggers Christmas Meet organised by the lovely Leah aka StyleXL creator!. You might think we were crazy for going to a mall at the weekend this close to Christmas! I will not lie. It was packed. 

It is hard to dress for Meadowhall at the best of times. I went for as light and comfy an outfit as possible as i always end up a sweaty mess walking around the place for hours. This is as casual as I get! 

Keep an eye out for Franklin making his standing debut! He wanted in on the photo action. His outfit is not really up to scratch buy he wad just out of bed. I think he approved of mine.

Kimono - Asos Curve size 26 £21
Top - Yours Clothing size 30 £23 
Jeggings - New Look Inspire 
Shoes - Clarks
Bag - Zatchels 
Necklace - Betenoirejewellery Custom

We met at Starbucks and Leah handed out these brilliant marshmallows with our blogger names or logos on! They are by and you can get any design printed onto the mallows. 

Jane had the lovely idea of us all clubbing together a bit of money and we got leah this cute Rudolph and gift card for all the work she put into organising this day for us. 

Leah took these photos while we were waiting for everyone arrive. 

You might recognise some faces! 

We were all given this awesome gift bag filled with goodies! The bag is really good quality and i will be buying a few more from the selection at

I am not much of a beauty product user but everyone seemed very excited about the Revolution Make Up & remover! I have had a play with the make up and can agree that it is defo something to get excited about! You can check them out at

The aloe vera items are going to be a life saver in the summer (available from Boots) and the mini  hand cream smells so good! The eye cream shall be tested! As will the toner. 

The Charnos tight are only a size 20 so I will take them to the next Plus Size Swap and someone can get use of them. 

Included was a gift voucher for and a Makerupper Card for free make up session.   

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  1. I would've loved to have been there. You look amazing - that top is beautiful! xx


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