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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

This dress is another Modcloth one. I have put off wearing it as it is a shell type material that I was not sure about. I wore it today and actually it is quite warm and lined. I actually don't know why I was put off by it to start with because it has been nice to wear.

These glasses are new from ebay. They wear sunglasses and I am not a label person but I loved the shape and colour plus the price was good. I had them reglazed by my go to company for reglazing Specs-by-post. I posted them Friday and received an ebay invoice Monday morning which I paid then an email in the afternoon saying they had been posted already! They arrived Tuesday! This is why I love Specs-by-post! They are super fast and cheap! it cost me £10 for prescription lenses and £5.15 recorded delivery.

I picked up these shoes on my Meadowhall trip last week when I met up with fellow fat blogger friends Rebs of Sullen_hearts and Claire of AMonkeyFatshionista. I have never had glitter shoes so was quite excited to get these!

Dress - Modcloth Just Roll With It size 4x $37.99
Leggings - Asos Curve
Shoes - New Look Wide Fit £12.99 
Bangle  - Vintage gift
Glasses - Moschino Sunglasses via ebay £27
Reglazed by £15.15


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