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Friday, October 10, 2014

Happy Halloween! Ok maybe not exactly Halloween but close enough! So I ordered a couple of things from the FDAvenue Curvy Collection recently after finding them on Instagram and this cardi was a must. Firstly the sizing of this is a 26 but is more like a 20/22. I can live with that as it is an open cardi with no buttons but quality...let me just say I have worn it once and the bobbles are out of control! It was cheap but still I want a bit better quality for me cash.

I made an order with the lovely Laura from Charcoal Designs last week via her etsy store and I can not praise this lady enough!!! Her designs are amazing and quality is fabulous and brilliant customer service and care! You will see my ordered items soon but for this outfit I chose the Black Devil earrings, Lady with Skull Brooch and Cherry Necklace.

Can I just say that my order arrived in 6 days!!! That is faster than stuff I order from the UK!

Cardi - FDAvenue Skull Cardigan size 24/26 £17.99
Dress - Asos old
Leggings - Asos
Shoes - Clarks

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  1. Loving the glasses and the jewellery. Shame the cardi is a bit crap, because it looks great. x x


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