Hama Christmas!

Sunday, December 02, 2012

It is finally December and getting ever closer to Christmas and I am pretty much done with Christmas shopping. I have to do a bit of baking nearer the day but that's nothing to stress about.
The Mr and I decided to break out the Hama Beads and make some things on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

We came across this 3D Christmas Tree design and made it our own. You can google designs and some really fun 8 Bit computer characters. Obviously due to small beads it not suitable for very young children and you need an iron to melt the beads together but for older kids and adults it a fun  artistic item. You can buy sets from most large toy shops and ebay sell bags of individual colours for a couple pounds. £20 will buy you everything you need and a good few colours.

You can make your own Christmas tree decorations or personalized items.
below are some of the things we made this afternoon. Have you used Hama before? What have you made?

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  1. I remember using these when I was little! And I actually came across them in a toy shop a few days ago and commented on that!

  2. wow i didn't even know they had these over here. I used them when i was on holiday in Folrida when i was about 14!

    think i need to get some


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