Winter Polka

Thursday, December 06, 2012

So Back to Polka Dots again! I never tire of them and love finding different colours so when I saw ASOS Curve were selling this dress I had to give it a try. To be honest I was not sure about it when it arrived. It is very thin material and has a lot of stretch. I could have sized down to a 24 as the shoulders are wide and neck is also wide and low. It hunches up at the back but only because it has an elastic waist which I wear under my bust as my boobs are too big for there to be enough material for it to fall to my waist. Which happens with most dresses for me.

The patent belt came with the dress and is nice but I need to use the last hole on it to fit around me. Dear ASOS please make your belts a little bigger! The sleeves are supposed to be 3/4 but are almost full on me and the length is nice but I am only 5'3'' so would be a lot shorter on someone taller. It really is just cut too big for my size and shape but I need the bigger size to fit my bust.  For £22 I will keep it as it is polka dots and longer sleeve which I need more of for winter but I found myself wearing a scarf indoors as my neck was chilly.

It is a Dark Red with Black dots and the last picture is not representative of this due to the flash but I wanted to show the belt and detail. It is also available in Teal with Black dots.

Dress with Belt - ASOS size 26 £22
Leggings - Sainsburys size 20/22 2 for £10
Boots - Pavers £39.99 
Necklace, Bangle, Earring Set - Boots
Glasses - Dead Mens Specs via ebay

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  1. I was not too happy with my first ASOS purchase either..maybe I sized wrong? Idk but its a gtingham skirt that feels like a 99cent tabolecloth. I'm not a regular at ASOS cause of it.

    No matter, you still rockin that dress girl!

    K xo

    1. they have been hit and miss for me too but I find the stretch fabrics to be my best option and can usually get some nice prints :)

  2. I love this dress and have debating buying this dress or the teal one. Having seen how lovely it looks on you, I only want it more. Damn my polka dot addiction! :) xx

    1. I want it too but think i will size down to a 24 if i can afford it before it sells out! x

  3. Love the dress looks great xx

  4. I think the dress is really pretty; I love the colour. It looks lovely on you!

    I think ASOS's sizing is all over the place. They usually come up really large and long on me, and I'm 5'6''. I find their belts really tiny, too. The last one I got was a size 24/26 and it was still short and I'm an 18/20! Let's hope they sort their sizing out!

    1. I have sent more things back than kept all due to sizing issues so hopefully they will get the idea and sort it out! x


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