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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

If you are FAT then I suggest you read this book as you will identify with at least one of the many true stories in it. I cried and laughed and cried some more reading this. It introduced me to some new ideas and made me think about what I have been through and how it shaped my attitude and the reasons why I do certain things. This would be a great read for any young person who is struggling with FAT issues but also just anyone who wants to know more about what FAT people go through on a daily basis just because of their FAT. I want to thank Virgie Tovar for putting these stories together for people to read and share. I want to thank every person who contributed to the book for having the courage to share their personal stories and inspire others to live a FAT life without fear and with love.

A recent discovery of mine has been Zines! I love the originality and artistic nature of the Zine. I am lucky to know a few people who make them such as Kirsty of Fatty Unbound who writes Make It Work. It is full of fatshion and self love and care ideas with contributions from others too.

My good friend Rebecca aka ClumsyKisses writes a PerZine (Personal Zine) which is kind of like a diary and I have still to get my hands on the first two issues but the third is a good read! Which includes a bit about the Fat Lady Group Photo Shoot we did with Katie Soze. I have also written a small piece for Rebecca to use in either her next issue or another Zine she is doing with a friend.

I found this Zine Lot by Sage Adderley while looking on Etsy.com and thought it looked interesting. I was not disappointed! It has contributions from others and is a really good read. Plus it came with badges, cards and a patch.

You can purchase these Zines from Etsy.com.
Kirsty - Make it Work
Rebecca - Opinionated Nobody
Sage - Fat-Tastic
Virgie Tovar - Hot & Heavy from Amazon

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  1. I've added the book to my wishlist. Looks good!

    1. I cannot say enough about how good this book is! Every person should read it! :)


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