Lilac Dream

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Feeling fancy today since it is Easter. Happy Easter! I put this lovely Lilac Dress/Top on. It is by Frock & Frill size 28 which is quite big on me but I love the colour and front detail. It is one of my favourite items found at the Plus Sized Clothes Swap! Ok its a little short to be a dress but with tights it would work and with leggings perfect! Which is what I will do but just wanted you to see the lovely top with my Scottish whiter than white legs and my pretty Hush Puppie Shoes. I love these shoes so much. They were a christmas present from my Mr. I would not spend £50 on dress shoes for myself but I was very happy and surprised when I saw he had got them for me and that he had been listening when I saw them in Schuh and said how much I loved them! Men do listen sometimes! 

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  1. Nice Outfit - especially love the cuff on the dress. Love your bag too!

    Radha x

  2. This dress is so pretty, the colour is amazing, and it looks lovely on you. And I'm an advocate for short dresses/ skirts so I love it! xx

  3. gosh! the details on the dress are absolutely divine! you look lovely :)

  4. Anonymous1:45 pm

    I think that dress used to be mine! I gave it along with a few other bits to Kirsty to swap.


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