Summer Lolita

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Since it's lovely and sunny outside I thought I would wear this top I got from the Plus Sized Clothes Swap. I remembered seeing it on the ASOS Curve website but not paying it much notice. It is not something I would normally go for but I liked the colour and the shiny light feel of it so tried it on despite is only being a size 20! To my surprise it fit and I loved the neck and how it framed my ample bust and also the length so decided it was a keeper. I am so glad I did! So don't be affraid to try things you dont normally go for as they might just be perfect for you!

I painted my nails a Barbie pink and wore this necklace I got from Claires a while back. It put me in the mood for summer and reminded me of the movie Lolita that I love! I collect heart shaped sunglasses, vintage glasses, sunglasses and novelty glasses. Just one of my many quirks!

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